700W Multifunctional Portable Power Station 710Wh (192000mAh/3.7V),Lifepo4 Battery Power Supply Dual DC output 12/10A, total 12V/20A, Quick Charge for CPAP Camping Outdoor Home RV Emergency


700W Multifunctional Portable Power Station 710Wh (192000mAh/3.7V),Lifepo4 Battery Power Supply Dual DC output 12/10A, total 12V/20A, Quick Charge for CPAP Camping Outdoor Home RV Emergency

1. Built-in high-power density lithium-ion battery;

2. Up to 32Ah / 22.2V (equivalent to 192000mAh, 3.7V) 710Wh battery power;

3. Support AC pure sine wave output;

4. Up to 700W AC continuous output, peak output 1400W;

5. Multiple DC outputs, up to 12V/10A continuous output

6. Support 2 x 5V / 2A (maximum 4A max) and USB QuickCharge3.0 output, suitable for smartphones, tablet computers, etc.

7. Support PD100W input and output, support PD charger to charge energy storage power supply, and support PD100W to charge laptops, Nintendo game consoles, and other devices.

8. The battery pack has a BMS system, matched with a TI chip, and accurately calculates the charge and discharge time, input and output power W, and displays it on the screen.

9. Built-in LED light board lighting and high beam flashlight lighting functions. 10. Protection includes short circuit, overload, high-temperature resistance, etc.,

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Cell Chemistry                                                            High energy density lithium battery

Capacity                                                                       710Wh (192000mAh/3.7V)


AC Continuous Output Power                                  700W

AC Peak Output Power                                               1400W

Charging Specifications                                              DC26V/4.5A

Supports                                                                         DC port/Type-c port/Wide voltage/Fast charge/Automatically recognizes the boost function

DC Output                                                                      Dual DC output 12/10A, total 12V/20A

USB1/2 Output                                                              Dual QC3.0 18W output

USB3/4 Output                                                             5V2A output, total output 5V4A

Dual PD100Wtype-c 1                                                 PD100W fast charge input/output: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/3A,15V/3.5A, 20V/5A (MAX)

Dual PD100Wtype-c 2                                                 PD100W fast charge output: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/3A, 15V/3.5A, 20V/5A (MAX)

AC Continuous Output Power                                   5V2A output, total output 5V4A

Cycle Life                                                                       500 Times

Product Protection                                                      Short circuit/Overcurrent/Overvoltage protection/Undervoltage/Overload/Over temperature protection

Portable Power Station

refer to various emergency energy storage batteries. With the increase in the cycle life, working environment, and environmental protection requirements of the supporting batteries in various application systems, the unique high voltage, high capacity and long life of lithium batteries , Environmental protection, pollution-free and other characteristics, more and more equipped with various energy storage-related systems, its supporting systems include household energy storage systems, special portable energy sources, portable emergency communication power supplies, solar street light systems, and communication power supplies. System, monitoring station working power supply system, integrated energy storage system, solar power generation system, etc.

Safety & Reliable LithiumBattery Power

With long-lasting lithium battery power station works faster and safety, environmental friendly. Battery management system protects you against over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protecting devices and prolonging battery life.


  1. Back-up power supply after a power failure;
  2. Backup smart device power supply;
  3. When camping, outdoor photography, fishing, hiking, etc.,
  4. Used for tool charging;
  5. Laptop, small LED TV, mini-refrigerator
  6. Mobile booths, night markets.

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