Lithium Ion Battery Pack Applications In Your Life

There are many reasons why lithium battery packs are in a class of their own. Li-ion batteries can be recharged hundreds of times without the need for maintenance. They also tend to have a higher energy density and voltage capacity with a lower discharge rate than their competitors. This makes for better power and efficiency, as a single cell has longer charge retention than other battery types.

Lithium Battery Power has drop in replacements for Lead Acid and AGM Batteries in forklifts, Marine, RV, Commercial Applications & Golf Carts!

JB BATTERY is professional china LiFePO4 forklift truck battery manufacturers and factory for a wide assortment of large lithium-ion battery packs. Our batteries power everything, including homes, forklifts, truck,RVs, campers, golf carts, and other machinery. We  supply custom 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V lithium ion battery pack with 50 Ah 60Ah 100Ah 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah for many different forklift truck with good price.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Utility-scale Energy Storage

Utility-scale battery storage systems can enable greater penetration of variable renewable energy into the grid by storing any excess generated energy.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Home Energy Storage

A home battery designed to store energy from solar or the grid, so you can use it anytime you want—at night or during an outage.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Mobile Solar Tower

The telecommunication landscape is evolving, and JB BATTERY’s lithium-ion battery pack grows with the evolvement.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Forklift Truck

Our lithium-ion battery packs help your forklift trucks to raise and transport goods efficiently with less effort, especially for heave loads.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Golf Cart

Lithium-ion batteries are the best of the best in our golf cart lineup with the highest reserve capacity and the longest runtime and cycle life.

Lithium Battery Pack for E-Boat

From starting your motor to powering your boat lights, reliable marine batteries are essential when you’re on the water.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Off-grid Solar Power Supply

Sites that are far from the utility grid, have until recently needed a energy storage battery system to obtain a continuous power supply.

Lithium Battery Pack for Automated Guided Vehicles(AGV)

In the 5G times, the AGV play an important role and huge application,and the power supply of AGV is huge needed.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Portable Power Station

Most of the other power station on market using lithium-ion pack, so their lifetime is ≥500 cycle 80%.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Aerial Work Platform

Works safely and efficiently, charing with self-heating function when temperatures at -20C and discharge rate can up to 80%.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Floor Cleaning Machines

Floor care and cleaning machines such as scrubbers and sweepers require reliable battery power to get the job done effectively.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for ATV & UTV

When getting there is half the fun, keep your ATV running with JB BATTERY lithium battery packs.

China Electric Wheelchair Battery Manufacturers

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Floor Electric Wheelchair

JB BATTERY lithium-ion batteries for electric wheelchair, high performance, favorable price, stable quality, quick and fast delivery, over 15 years manufacturer.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Electric Bike

JB BATTERY is one of the providers of e-bike batteries, offering motive power batteries in 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 80V and other custom voltage applications.

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are primary batteries that have metallic lithium as an anode. These types of batteries are also referred to as lithium-metal batteries.

They stand apart from other batteries in their high charge density and high cost per unit. Depending on the design and chemical compounds used, lithium cells can produce voltages from 1.5 V to about 3.7 V.

Disposable primary lithium batteries must be distinguished from secondary lithium-ion or a lithium-polymer, which are rechargeable batteries. Lithium is especially useful, because its ions can be arranged to move between the anode and the cathode, using an intercalated lithium compound as the cathode material but without using lithium metal as the anode material. Pure lithium will instantly react with water, or even moisture in the air; the lithium in lithium ion batteries is in a less reactive compound.

Lithium batteries are widely used in portable consumer electronic devices. The term “lithium battery” refers to a family of different lithium-metal chemistries, comprising many types of cathodes and electrolytes but all with metallic lithium as the anode. The battery requires from 0.15 to 0.3 kg of lithium per kWh. As designed these primary systems use a charged cathode, that being an electro-active material with crystallographic vacancies that are filled gradually during discharge.

Lithium-ion Battery Pack

JB BATTERY utilizes our experienced Engineering, Design, Quality and Manufacturing teams, so that our customers can be assured of technically advanced battery solutions that meet the unique requirements of their specific applications. We specialize in rechargeable and non-rechargeable lithium cell and battery pack design as work with a variety of lithium cell chemistries to offer options and solutions for demanding applications worldwide.

Our broad manufacturing capabilities enable us to build the most basic battery packs, to custom packs with specialized circuitry, connectors and housings. From low to high volume, we have the capability and industry expertise to meet the unique needs of all OEM’s as our experienced engineering team can design, develop, test and manufacture custom battery solutions for the specific needs of most applications.

The type of Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·12v Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·24v Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·36v Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·48v Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·60v Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·72v Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·50 Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs
60Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·100Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·200Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·300Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·400Ah Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·NiMH Battery Packs
·18650 Battery Packs
·Li-ion Battery Packs
·LiFePO4 Battery Packs
·Lithium Polymer Battery Packs
·Flexible Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·Curved Lithium Polymer battery Packs
·Ultra-thin Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·Fast Charge Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Packs

The Applications of Lithium-ion Battery Packs
·Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery
·Household Energy Storage Battery
·Portable Power Station
·UPS Lithium-ion Battery
·High Voltage Lithium-ion Battery
·Electric Bicycle Lithium-ion Battery
·Portable Power Bank
·Power Supply for Forklift Truck
·Power Supply for Golf cart
·Power Supply for E-Boat
·Power Supply for Aerial Work Platform
·Power Supply for Floor Cleaning Machine
·Power Supply for Electric Bike

JB BATTERY has over 10 years experiences about lithium-ion battery packs, we offer all kinds of lithium-ion battery packs on the market.

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