Stock Smart Battery Packs

Stock Smart Battery Packs

Advantages of a Smart Stock battery: the reduction of development costs and the speed of commercialization are the two main benefits of working with a Smart Stock battery. Among the functional advances of a smart battery is the ability to provide the device with information about its energy status so that it can save energy intelligently. A smart battery can report errors, manage the load, predict the remaining time and inform the device about low load conditions, as well as information about temperature, voltage and current. With integrated electronics, the smart battery is considered an energy system that increases the safety, functionality and life of the battery.

Our selection of chargers includes versions of one and two bays.

SMBus: SMBus is a two-wire, single-ended bus for light communication. a protocol that allows multiple nodes to respond to unique addresses. Externally, the smart battery can communicate with an intelligent battery charger and an intelligent power user through the bus interface. SMBus offers flexible functionality and helps reduce hardware costs.

Smart battery options:
• Data transmission and wireless power. • Car adapters on platform.
• Integrated power supplies • SMBus reader
• SMBus battery cable • Fuel indicator

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