Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited Announces To Supply Custom Battery Pack China With Different Battery Pack Chemistries

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited Announces To Supply Custom Battery Pack China With Different Battery Pack Chemistries

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited can supply custom battery packs with different chemistries, such as Lithium ion polymer, Nickel metal hydride, Lithium iron phosphate, Nickel cadmium, and others.

With a team of R&D engineers, JB Battery Technology Limited has the capability of supplying custom battery packs that may include a variety of battery pack chemistries and different configurations. The company aims at fulfilling customer requirements by customizing the battery size to meet the high energy density requirements of different applications. They can design and assemble custom batteries that can ensure good performance and reliability. The company has both primary battery packs as well as rechargeable battery packs in their portfolio.


According to the spokesperson, they are one of the well-known custom lithium ion battery manufacturers that have the capability of producing custom battery packs at a mass scale. They employ the latest technology and proven chemistries that largely upscale the power, performance and longevity of the batteries. With a number of battery pack chemistries, customers can choose from a wide range of battery configurations that JB Battery Technology Limited can offer to them. Some of the common battery chemistries available in their portfolio include Lithium ion batteries, Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery packs, Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, Nickel cadmium batteries, Lithium polymer batteries and so on. These battery packs are available in custom designs and custom sizes.


The spokesperson reveals that they supply Lithium ion and Lithium polymer batteries that offer superior performance to batteries based on lead chemistries. With a very slow discharge rate, these batteries can power a device for an extended period of time. The Li-ion batteries can provide up to 200% energy density in comparison to Nickel cadmium batteries. The company also maintains a significant portfolio of NiMH batteries that offer 40% more energy capacity than Nickel cadmium batteries. These NiMH batteries are the least expensive and are easy to recycle. These batteries are more suitable for portable and handheld devices.


JB Battery Technology Limited can deliver custom battery pack China with an enhanced performance and greater reliability. The company can supply LFP batteries that feature a superior thermal and chemical stability, and ensure an improved safety. With a high discharge rate capability, these batteries have a slower energy loss feature and have a longer lifecycle. The company also deals in the well-established Nickel cadmium batteries that can sustain heavy loads. Available in a wide variety of configurations, the company’s Ni-Cd batteries can feature thousands of charge and discharge cycles.

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About Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited, which was established in May, 2008, is a China based professional manufacturer and provides a wide range of battery types for customers. The company’s products include PDA batteries, GPS batteries, mobile phone batteries, MP3/MP4 batteries, digital camera batteries, laptop batteries, tablet PC batteries, remote control batteries, barcode scanner batteries, walkie-talkie batteries, two-way radio batteries, cordless phone batteries, server’s batteries, flash light batteries, LED light Batteries, printer batteries, headphone batteries, RC toys batteries, payment terminal batteries, power tools batteries, computer backup batteries, medical device batteries, emergency light batteries and chargers, etc.



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