Massive popularity of custom lithium ion battery packs from Li-ion battery manufacturers

Massive popularity of custom lithium ion battery packs from Li-ion battery manufacturers

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited is one of the leading custom lithium ion battery pack manufacturers from China, which is capable of designing and supplying portable power solutions to be used in electronic devices and other applications.

The running of batteries are widely used in so many applications such as digital cameras, mechanical tools, ships, airplanes, trains, inverters, bulbs, windmills and also in satellites. In these days, the lithium ion battery packs are so famous. Among all the metals, the lithium is a brightest. Also, it has a top electrochemical potential and offers the highest energy density per weight. However, one of the significant qualities of custom lithium battery packs are required the low maintenance. The lithium ion battery has a frame over the standard nickel cadmium battery.

Due to the enhancements integrated in the dynamic elements of electrode, the Li-ion battery has an electric power density that can be nearly three times more than that of nickel cadmium battery. Apart from this, the load capacity of Li-ion battery is also more considerable. It also has a flat discharge curve that offers you a chance to utilize the saved power in the voltage range of your own option. Here, the memory is absent and the battery needs no scheduled cycling to expand its life.When you compare with nickel cadmium battery, the self-discharge of Li-ion battery is fewer than 50% and also builds it as an ideal choice for fuel gauge applications.

How does it work?

Normally, the lithium ion battery pack consists of oxygen, graphite, metal and also lithium as well. They run in a cycle of charging and discharging. When delivers energy, the lithium ion moves back to the positive cathode in all over the electrolytes and while charging, the lithium ions move to the positive anode. However, this cycle reappearances over the sequence of time and also reduces the strength of ions in offering the electric charge. This lithium ion also has included 250Wh/kg of energy, while the nickel cadmium has merely about 90Wh/kg. Therefore, this is a big difference for a convenient, trivial and also noiseless rechargeable battery.

In a long run, the lithium ion battery pack is more affordable as well as more effective to the current ones. In addition to, the presence of lithium air technology is in cultivation that should have 10 times the energy density than the lithium ion battery. For the upcoming century, the lithium ion battery pack is not going to end; rather it could make it as the top developing area in the technology. This custom lithium battery packs is highly featured with the high cell voltage and allows manufacturing of battery packs, which consists of a single cell only.

Advantages of lithium battery packs

According to the study, the lithium batteries have proven to be one of the longest lasting batteries, which become perfect for the entire modern electronic devices used commonly. The workings of these batteries are fully based on lithium technology. Apart from its long lasting life, it has a great power storage capacity. Some of its benefits are:

  • Leak resistant packaging
  • Sophisticateddurability in digital cameras
  • Greatpresentation in ultimate temperature ranged from -40 F to 140 F
  • Brighter than normal alkaline batteries

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About Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Huizhou JB Battery Technology Limited, which was established in May, 2008, is a China based professional manufacturer and provides a wide range of battery types for customers. The company’s products include PDA batteries, GPS batteries, mobile phone batteries, MP3/MP4 batteries, digital camera batteries, laptop batteries, tablet PC batteries, remote control batteries, barcode scanner batteries, walkie-talkie batteries, two-way radio batteries, cordless phone batteries, server’s batteries, flash light batteries, LED light Batteries, printer batteries, headphone batteries, RC toys batteries, payment terminal batteries, power tools batteries, computer backup batteries, medical device batteries, emergency light batteries and chargers, etc.


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