What is difference between lithium and lithium ion batteries?

What is difference between lithium and lithium ion batteries?

Batteries are highly involved with people daily lifestyle in form of car batteries, reusable charger batteries, home batteries and even more. These batteries are manufactured from different materials such aluminium, phosphorous and lithium among all lithium batteries are widely used by people. When it said to be lithium batteries even in lithium batteries are manufactured in lithium combination such as lithium phosphorous, lithium ferrous and lithium ion batteries. Lithium batteries are quite different from lithium ion batteries and other lithium combination batteries. Initially people widely used lithium batteries which tend to start fire to avoid such problems at present people use lithium ion batteries in wide range. Many can think what is a lithium battery? Lithium ion battery is a rechargeable type battery in this battery the lithium ions moves from negative electrodes to positive electrodes when the battery is used and while charging them the lithium ions move back to negative electrodes. Usually lithium battery is uses metallic lithium electrode which remains as non rechargeable lithium battery here in lithium ion batteries they use intercalated lithium compound as an electrode which makes it as a rechargeable one.

How lithium ion batteries are classified?

Generally lithium ion batteries are classified by size and shape based on this the lithium ion batteries are manufactured and assembled in packs to send for equipment usages. Apart from this the further lithium ion batteries are classified based on other factors which are listed below.

  • Lithium ion batteries are classified based on the shell type & shape too in common there are only two types of shell are used in lithium ion battery manufacture one is cylindrical type steel shell and other one is prismatic type with aluminium shell.
  • The lithium ion batteries are classified in different types based on their physical length and internal protection circuits. This in turn prevents damages due to short circuit and over discharge.
  • Often the lithium batteries are represented in five digit number that indicates the physical dimensions of the battery cell.

Where the first two digits represents the diameter of the battery in millimeters the rest three digit numbers represents the height of the battery in tens of millimeters. When people check for economic safe lithium batteries it is better to choose product from specified manufacturer or custom lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

Application of Lithium ion batteries:

The lithium ion batteries are widely used in all application which includes such as

  • Consumer electronics
  • Household intelligence
  • Vehicles
  • Medical equipments
  • AGV Robots
  • Power supply panels

Apart from above list it is also used in lighting manufactures too such as emergency lighting, in outdoor lamps, lanterns, industrial lightings and miner’s lamp. Even these batteries are widely used for public use such as barcode scanners in shops, handheld printers and in POS machines too. Not only this, lithium ion batteries used in light power products like toys, model aircrafts, electric tools and electronic cigarettes too.

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