Top best lithium ion battery manufacturers are the perfect battery manufacturing companies for you

Top best lithium ion battery manufacturers are the perfect battery manufacturing companies for you

Why the lithium ion batteries are the perfect choice?

At present, the batteries are involved in people lifestyle such as car batteries, smart watches, mobile phones, home appliance and several electric appliances. There are several batteries available in the market and the lithium ion batteries are the best choice to use. All batteries are made of anode, cathode and electrolyte in lithium ion batteries small lithium metal forms an electrolyte which made huge differences. One of the main reasons for using lithium ion batteries is they are rechargeable which helps lot to use them in wider range. When the batteries are used it discharge stored power to the appliance thus inside the battery the lithium ions starts moves from anode (negative electrodes) to cathode (positive electrode). Since it is rechargeable while the battery is in recharging mode the lithium ions moves from cathode to anode and the charges gets stored. These batteries remain to be more versatile and work in efficient way so most of lithium ion battery manufacturers manufacture batteries in combination such as phosphorous, ferrous and even more. Lithium ion batteries are available in different shape, size and texture so people can choose custom lithium ion batteries from the manufactures. These batteries are highly used due to its high number of ions, high potential difference between two electrodes, high capacity and voltage.

Top most lithium ion battery manufacturers and their advanced works:

The lithium ion batteries are in wide use which made all battery manufacturing companies to come out with different aspects and various advanced tech updates. Among all such updates here are some top most lithium ion battery manufacturing companies and works are listed below.

  • Samsung SDI
  • Panasonic
  • Toshiba
  • LG Chem
  • Tesla

Samsung SDI: The Samsung remains to be top in the list the company and they always focused on fuel research and lithium ion battery technology innovations. Moreover, the Samsung innovation products would match for both commercial and residential purpose. The company is engaged in the production of lithium ion based solar panels and many other energy storage devices too. The company has presence even in other country market like Germany and Malaysia.

Panasonic: This Company remains to be in second position to begin with lithium ion batteries for electric automobile. The company manufactures lithium ion batteries for big automotive like Tesla, as car batteries. The Tesla car has its own name for its performance and efficiency.

Toshiba: This Company remains to first in investing huge amount in research and development of lithium ion technology. At present the company is involved in manufacturing of lithium ion batteries as a solution for several automotive storage problems.

LG Chem: This Company remains to be leading manufacturer of lithium ion batteries and supply to various industries. LG Chem provides energy solution to many industries and they also remain best supplier of heavy duty lithium ion batteries for laptops and smartphones.

Tesla:  They are well known for car production and manufacturer and at present the company is supplied with lithium ion batteries by Panasonic. But the company has Gig factory in US and in Australia when that factory comes to production then that would remains to be world’s largest factory in lithium ion battery production.

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