Custom lithium ion batteries packs are the best customized batteries for your requirements

Custom lithium ion batteries packs are the best customized batteries for your requirements

Batteries play a major role in every part of world today running in cars, camera and in many places. The science used in batteries is that the chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. They have become famous through chemical combinations and their implementations. The batteries come in various sizes and shapes as per the requirements they can be installed. There is custom lithium ion battery available which is made especially for specific requirements. Based on the size, the power is packed inside the batteries.

How does the Lithium battery work?

The batteries make use of cathodes and each li-on battery uses different type of cathodes. The cathodes are made up of lithium molecules and anodes made up of carbon. Like in other batteries the chemical reaction taking place between anodes and cathodes generate electric current using which the battery works. Lithium ion batteries that have cobalt will give higher capacity. They are more reactive because it has lower thermal capacities. Lithium iron has a 4-5 times greater life cycle longer and power density is ten times better when compared with others.

Advantages of using lithium-ion battery

The custom lithium ion battery is used in many electronics due to its high performance. Here are some of the advantages of lithium ion battery are listed below.

  • Compact size

The lithium batteries are small in weight and lighter than other types of batteries. Since it is compact to use they are used in many devices.

  • High energy

These batteries have high energy and so provide lot of power. Due to the high power it can be used in gadgets.

  • Low self-discharge

The lithium battery has low discharge and so has long life.

  • Fast charge cycle

The fast charge cycle is a reason for its popularity.

Long lifespan

The lithium batteries can withstand many charges and discharges and over a lifespan of time there is reduction in capacity. It withstands with the quality of battery.

Disadvantages of lithium batteries

Here are some of the disadvantages of lithium batteries as listed below.

  • Li-on batteries are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and in extreme temperature the battery will degrade soon.
  • The lithium batteries will degrade regardless of use.
  • The batteries refuse to charge once the battery power falls.

Tips to maintain the life of batteries

You can follow the below mentioned tips to make your batteries work better and make it last long life.

  • Use your batteries often

Once the time goes the power batteries degrades over the period of time. So it is recommended to use them frequently.

  • Must not allow to discharge the battery

Before the charge in batteries dry it should be charged. So do not allow the complete the battery to discharge fully.

  • Charge your batteries often

Frequent charging of batteries is good for the battery life and lasts long.

  • Keep the batteries cool and dry

You need to place the batteries in a cool and dry environment. Extreme temperatures will damage the surface of the batteries.

  • Buy new batteries when life of the old batteries becomes old

Lithium batteries are used in many applications and they can be made according to the requirements and these custom lithium batteries offer many advantages.

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