What you need to know about custom lithium ion battery pack?

What you need to know about custom lithium ion battery pack?

Today, the lithium ion battery technology is one of the quickest growing technologies in a tool community. However, the lithium ion batteries have a good energy to the weight ration and also they pack more power with the little quantity of bulk. This battery actually experiences no memory effect or lazy battery effect. This usually happens, when the battery can no longer accept the utmost charge for having been recharged repeatedly without even being completely used. Conversely, the lithium ion battery pack continuously accepts the utmost charge and also have very low rate of charge loss, while the battery is disconnected. However, the major advantages of using lithium ion technology are given below:

  • The lithium ion batteries mix a single cell technology with a higher energy reservoir than the nickel metal hydride and also nickel cadmium batteries
  • The lithium ion batteries always hold their charge for potentially longer than any other comparable batteries
  • These batteries always offer you steady power until the charge is fully gone
  • The lithium ion battery always remains strong until the end push
  • The lithium ion batteries can hold more power and are efficiently light weight

Why lithium ion battery packs are so popular?


In fact, the lithium is one of the lightest materials than compared to any other metals. It has a high electrochemical potential and also offers the highest energy density per weight. Due to this matter, this battery has a certain enhancement in the active compounds of electrode as well as has an electric power density that is three times more than nickel cadmium battery. Apart from this, the load capability of this battery is highly recommended. One of the best qualities of this lithium ion battery pack is required low maintenance and also does not scheduled cycling to expand its life.

When you compared this with any other battery, the self-discharge is lesser than 50% and also builds it as a great choice for the fuel gauge uses. Furthermore, this battery is also well featured with a high cell voltage and also allows for the manufacturing of battery packs, which contains a single cell only. Therefore, this simplifies to a good extent the battery design and also now many mobile phones are running on such design.

Effective ways to make your lithium ion battery last longer

In order to keep your lithium ion battery works great for last longer, below are a few essential tips to be considered in your mind that includes:

Use your li-ion batteries more frequently

Try to use this battery at least once per month; because it is more powerful.

Do not fully discharge your battery

You must always charge your battery, before they fall beneath 20% completeness or instantly after you see decrease in tool’s performance.

Charge your batteries more frequently

Frequently charging is good for your batteries.

Always keep your batteries dry and cool

You must always keep storing and charging your batteries in a dry, cool and temperate atmosphere.

Always purchase the new lithium ion batteries

When it comes to purchasing, you should pick a new one.


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