When Should I Charge My Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

When Should I Charge My Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

When Should I Charge My Lithium Ion Battery?
When it comes to charging a lithium ion battery, there are lots of aspects that most people usually find to be very confusing. For instance, they do not understand the right time when such battery needs to be charged. This is one topic that has been open for debate over the years. There are people who believe that charging a lithium ion battery needs to take place once it has been used completely. In other words, charging the batter is only necessary once it has drained down. On other hand, there are those who believe it can be charged even without being used.

Are you thinking about when to charge your lithium ion battery? Do you know that understanding the right time when this can be done will help you get the best from such battery? There might have been lots of suggestions in the past about this problem. However, you need to understand which is more favorable in order to ensure your lithium ion battery is performing at its fullest. There is no need trying to find where such information can be discovered. This post will be explaining everything you need to know about lithium ion battery and its charging time.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 16

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 16

What is lithium ion battery?
Before explaining everything about the charging time that these batteries require to function very well, it is important that you know what they actually are. Lithium ion batteries are a type of batteries which are rechargeable. The types of batteries being used in the past were not rechargeable batteries. Instead, you are meant to make use of them just once after which they will go through a process of recycling. All of these are beginning to change with the advent of lithium ion batteries. They can be recharged to help devices and systems function at their very best.

The popularity of lithium ion batteries does not seem to know any bounds at the moment. For instance, apart from being used in most electronic devices, they are now becoming an integral part of the automobile system. As a matter of fact, experts are predicting that in the next 2 decades, over 80% of cars being produced will have lithium batteries.

Based on these developments, it can be said that lithium batteries are beginning to render the conventional petrol and diesel redundant. They are not just affordable but also environmental-friendly. Finally, they require low maintenance for optimal performance.

When to charge your lithium ion battery
If you are currently making use of a lithium ion battery, there is no doubt that you must have been confused about the right time of having it charged. The following tips will help ensure you have a much better understanding.

When there is hot temperature
Do you know that lithium ion batteries are strongly affected by temperature of a place? Are you aware that when they get exposed to hot temperature, such can shorten their lifespan? Simply put, your lithium ion battery will not last long once subject to a place where the temperature seems to be too hot. It is recommended that you always store in a room with temperature which ranges between 20 and 250C. This will help to ensure it is working as long as possible.

In case you have not noticed, when the temperature is very hot, lithium ion batteries always tend to discharge faster than expected. Therefore, charge yours whenever the temperature is higher than the one stated above. This will help give you some guarantee that it will function as expected. The bottom line is that it should be stored in a place that is cool.

When the battery active level has dropped
This is where most people usually get it wrong. Every lithium ion battery has active level. This is the point where it can power your device for the expected time. For instance, it is possible the battery is expected to indicate “fully charged” at 14.2. However, it can automatically discharge up to 13.0 without being used. This does not mean you have to charge it at such point. Such battery can only be charged again once it drops below its active level of 13.0.

It is very important to note this since excessive charging is not recommended to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. Lithium ion batteries may be reliable but they have active level. It is the reason why your mobile phone cannot remain 100% after being fully charged. Instead, it will drop down to 95% which is its active level.

Once it goes below 95%, such is the right time to charge. In case you are confused about active level of a lithium ion battery, it is recommended to ask questions before purchasing. This will ensure you are on a safer side.

When there are no leaking fluids
Have you ever used any of those li-ion batteries that has leaking fluids? Do you know that this can be very dangerous and life-threatening? When your lithium battery produces some fluids, it is recommended that you should not have it charged. This is because such fluids can be very dangerous to your health.

The best thing to do at such point is have it disposed and purchase another one immediately. This is very important to avoid children from coming in contact with the fluids. It is only natural that you can never be too careful when it comes to handling fluids from batteries like these. A negligence on your part can prove costly.

The bottom line is always ensuring that your lithium ion battery can only be charged when there are no signs of fluid leakage. Anything short of this, ensure it is disposed as soon as possible. Do not even attempt to have it charged.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 14

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 14

The above tips will prove to be very helpful when it comes to the right time that your lithium ion battery can be charged. It is therefore advised that you ensure they are followed to the latter in order for such your battery to last as long as possible.

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