Do You Need A Special Charger For Custom Lithium Ion Batteries Packs?

Do You Need A Special Charger For Custom Lithium Ion Batteries Packs?

Do You Need A Special Charger For Custom Lithium Ion Batteries Packs?
Many people consider the process of charging lithium ion batteries to be very complicated and confusing. This is because they do not actually know the right charger that can be used. As simple as this may sound, it is very important to use an ideal charger for your li-ion battery. Failure to do this can lead to some problems you never imagined in the first place. For instance, the battery may not be charged properly. In worst case scenario, it may not even charge as expected. There are some instances when batteries have been damaged due to usage of wrong chargers.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 15

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 15

Here is the solution to such nightmare
Are you confused about which charger should be used for a lithium ion battery? Do you know that failure to use the right charger can make such battery exposed to lots of dangers? The good part is that there is no need trying to rack your brains. This post will be revealing top facts on whether you need a special charger for lithium batteries or not. The details of this post will definitely help you make the right decisions when it comes using the right charger without any guesswork.

What you need to know
Before talking about whether your lithium battery needs a special charger or not, it is important to understand that such battery cannot be charged from voltage source directly. There are implications for this action. For instance, when lithium ion batteries are allowed to float at around 4.2v, such can cause them to start failing. When this happens, they can start venting gas in a violent way which can bring about injury. This is why you have to be very careful about how a li-ion battery is charged. Your safety and that of family members is at stake.

It is true that you need special charger in order to ensure a li-ion battery remains in very good shape. As a matter of fact, charging them correctly requires their special chargers. For instance, with proper charging, they can perform optimally as expected. Furthermore, they have a longer lifespan when charged correctly.

Most people make the mistake of assuming that li-ion batteries can be changed in a fixed or set-in-stone procedure. In other words, charging them is a straightforward process. This is not true in any way. Lithium batteries have been built in a way that they require special chargers for optimum performance.

How to charge your lithium ion battery
It is possible for standalone charger to be purchased in order to have your li-ion battery charged. In this case, you have to consider the charger with regards to whether it has been specially constructed for your battery. It has been discovered that charging a lithium ion battery is easy. However, where most people find it challenging is the safety. It is also possible to have your very own special charger circuit built. In this case, there is need to purchase an IC management of your own.

The only time you are allowed to use any charger is when such has been designed or built in a way that it is possible for battery chemistry to be detected. That is to say, such charger can detect whether your battery is li-ion, nickel metal-hydride, or nickel cadmium. It can also help when you are using a charger with timer.

You can either decide to use a fast or slow charger. For the former, such battery can charge in 2-3hours time. However, it will require more hours when your charger is slow. Also, their chargers are majorly based on constant current/constant voltage (also known as CV/CC) in relation to charge algorithms. Through them, current will be limited or restricted to a particular amount based on voltage level. For instance, as the battery is reaching point of being fully charged, the current will be dropping.

With a system like this, fast charging is possible without any need of exposing such li-ion battery to risk of being overcharged. The bottom line is that you need to get a charger that once fully charged has the capacity to hold voltage of about 13.3-13.4v. A charger of this nature will help your li-ion battery last as long as possible.

Charging precautions
The following tips will help ensure you are getting the right charger for your lithium ion battery.

Charge current
When it comes to li-ion batteries, there is limited amount of charge current. In other words, the charging process will continue without slowing down. You need to get a charger that can help such process to occur over and over. For instance, just as said above, the voltage will be dropping as the battery is approaching 100% (fully charged status).

Charge temperature
It is true that there are different types of chargers for li-ion batteries. However, something is always common amongst them. This is the fact that their charging impact can be affected by temperature. Ensure the charging temperature is properly monitored. Avoid charging the battery when temperature is reading 00C. The same can also be said when such surpasses 450C.

The room temperature should always be between the above mentioned two levels for best results. Furthermore, the right temperature can also help such batter last for the expected number of years.

Discharge current
This is very crucial and should not be ignored in any way. Without protection being offered for discharge current, explosion and other dangers that will lead to injury and loss of life can occur. It is important to note that li-ion batteries have been built to have effective charge/discharge management. However, do not rely on this as something may go wrong. Instead, ensure you are not exceeding its charging capacity as this can bring about some long term implications.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 4

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 4

Having seen the above, it is obvious that two major factors are involved when it comes to the subject of which special charger to e use in charging your lithium ion battery. These are using the right battery and ensuring that you have taken the precautions into serious considerations as explained.

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