What Are The Limitations And Advantages Of Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Pack?

What Are The Limitations And Advantages Of Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Pack?

What Are The Limitations And Advantages Of Custom Lithium-Ion Battery Pack?
You must be feeling excited right now as you plan on getting yourself a custom lithium ion battery pack. Chances are that you have heard about it, and you have made up your mind to pick it up. I feel like giving you a hug myself for your awareness and knowledge about lithium ion batteries.
If you have lived long enough on this planet, you would realize that there are two sides to every coin. That simply means nothing in life is all rosy. Everything that has a good side always comes with some side effects. Here are the two sides of the coin you need to know about lithium ion batteries.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 22

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 22

Here are a number of advantages of lithium ion batteries, regardless of who may have manufactured it:

High energy density
This is one of the biggest selling points of lithium ion batteries. We live in a fast age where our digital needs are being served by various handheld devices. And these devices are expected to last much longer when in use after they have been charged. That is where the science of higher energy density seem to make plenty of sense.
Additionally, high power applications for powering EVs have become a common thing. Lithium ion batteries have been clearly distinguished from the others because of this property. As time continues to develop, you should expect this demand to increase, which will likely lead to more popularity for the lithium ion batteries.

Self-discharge rate
A common shortcoming noticed in various rechargeable batteries is their ability to discharge too quickly. Battery types such as Ni-Cd and NiMH have been heavily indicted with these faults. Their efficiencies have been reduced with fast self-discharge rate.
Lithium battery pack manufacturers have been able to gain a solid footing in the battery market by racing ahead of the others, thanks to their low self-discharge rate batteries. It has a discharge rate of about 5% within the first 4 or 5 hours, then reduces to about 1% in a month.

Low-level maintenance
Anyone who is planning on using a battery for achieving one thing or the other should equally be thinking of how to maintain the battery to enable it perform at an optimal level. For some battery types, this could be hectic.
If you are using a lithium ion battery, you don’t have anything to worry about. They require almost zero maintenance to keep them in good shape. Unlike Nickel based batteries that suffer memory effect when they are well-maintained, lithium batteries do not need any form of maintenance to enable it work as expected.

Cell voltages
One lithium ion battery cell has the capability of producing up to 3.6V. That can be of huge benefits if you know anything about battery technology. It simply means not many cells will be required for it to power a device conveniently. This is not what is obtainable for some other batteries. Some of the other batteries require multiple cells to equally power some everyday devices. This could be a possible disadvantage in terms of size.

A variety of them available
There is virtually no reason why you cannot use a lithium ion battery. They are different models that are in the market today. All you need to do is look for one that will fit with what you want to use it for, and you are going to find one. From consumer mobile electronics to high power applications, there are various, reliable lithium ion batteries that you can use for your objective.
Now, we are done with the good sides of lithium ion batteries. Let us now look at the other side of this technology.

Protection needed
You probably may have read this somewhere, but did not understand what it meant. A Custom lithium ion battery pack requires a sort of protection circuitry to work efficiently and reliably. By protection, they are better off when they are prevented from going through deep charging cycles. That is how they can be made to work within safe limits. Thankfully, many consumer items are working out modalities to ensure they are safe to be used with lithium ion batteries.
And in many cases, the so-called protection mechanisms are constructed into the lithium ion battery pack itself. The circuitry is equally designed to prevent temperature extremes from happening.

Many transportation airlines disallow any transportation that has to do with lithium ion batteries. Others who allow it do have limits as to how many of the batteries can be moved with their air transports. It is also possible that you might see other transport airlines that will not mind the number of lithium ion batteries you are moving across.
As far as lithium ion batteries are concerned there are so many regulations guiding their carriage on airplanes. All these are subject to changes based on research and reports. The good thing is that Lithium battery pack manufacturers are working tirelessly to turn the tides and make the battery safer to move around.

This has to be spelled to you in black and white. Yes, they are more expensive. They cost more than their counterparts. For real, you cannot expect them to be worth otherwise. They apply a more superior technology in getting the job done. It is going to serve you more, last longer, and help you meet your goals. So you cannot expect to dish out less cash in getting it. If you are hoping to use lithium ion batteries as a replacement for one of devices, get prepared. It does cost a bit.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 18

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 18

This post have done pretty well in running through the proverbial sides of the coin, this case – lithium ion batteries. Custom lithium ion battery pack comes with huge benefits. But you have to be aware of its shortcomings as well. For the record, their advantages far more outweigh their disadvantages. Lithium ion batteries is the way to go if you truly want your mobile devices to serve you optimally.

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