What Is The Normal Life Of A Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

What Is The Normal Life Of A Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

What Is The Normal Life Of A Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?
There is no doubt that lithium ion batteries have been a complete revolution given how they have helped to ensure devices and appliances function better. They have been one of the best innovations to ever hit the electronics world in recent times. Due to their functionalities, it is very easy to predict that most companies will be making more use of them in the nearest future. This can easily be interpreted to mean that their popularity will increase beyond what it is at the moment.

The problem is that most people do not really know the life span of these batteries. In fact, this is one topic that has been the subject for debates over the years. This is because experts have proven to have varied opinions when it comes to how long li-ion batteries are expected to last over the years.

Are you planning on buying a device with li-ion battery but seem to be confused about its lifespan? Do you know that these batteries are very reliable amongst others? This post will be helping you to understand everything about lithium ion batteries and their lifespan. It means that after checking out the details below, you will not have any reason to guess about how long they are expected to last.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 22

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 22

How long do they last?
Lithium ion batteries are very reliable in terms of how long they can last. For instance, a traditional li-ion battery can last for up to 3years. In other words, it can last for up to 36months before dropping. In this case, dropping means the power or duration of the battery once fully charged will reduce. For instance, if it has been designed to last for 72hours, such battery capacity can drop to 50hours after being fully charged. That is how it will be reducing until the battery can no longer be used. Overall, it can be said that lithium ion batteries are very reliable given that traditional batteries do not last that long.

Another factor that determines the lifespan of a lithium ion battery is its charging cycle. Most of the time, the batteries you will get from the market have a charge cycle of 500 times. This means that once it has been charged for about 500 times, it will start dropping.

Therefore, it is obvious that when we are talking about the lifespan of li-ion batteries, two factors are usually considered. These are the number of years and charging cycles. When the battery is charged for about 500 times before a timespan of 3years, it will still begin to drop. On the other, once it gets to 3 years and the battery has not been charged for up to 500 times, it is still expected to drop. That is how they have been manufactured.

What you have to know about li-ion batteries
There is something most people do not understand about li-ion batteries including how they tend to last. It does not really matter what you are using them for, as they always tend to follow a general rule. This is the fact that they will drop whether being put to use or not. For instance, when yours is fully charged, you have to utilize the power that it has stored. Do not ever think that not making use of such battery is going to preserve its lifespan. Contrary to what most people are assuming, it will be draining with time.

Just observe yours carefully and you will notice that while not being put to use, it is discharging at a very slow pace. Such may not be noticeable but it is happening. In this case, their ability to hold charge will be dropping gradually. According to experts, this is an ageing process that cannot be reversed. Just as said above, it cannot power your product for the expected length of time again as its power will begin to diminish. The bottom line is that not making use of a lithium ion battery is not the best option. Instead, it is better to make good use of its storage capacity while it has not started dropping.

How to maintain your li-ion batteries
It is true that li-ion batteries can last for up 2-3years as explained above. However, note that such is not a set in stone rule as something may go wrong. Below are some of the ways to ensure your battery holds long as expected for that timespan.

Using partial discharge cycles
This is very important but it is usually ignored by most people who make use of li-ion batteries. It entails ensuring that your battery has drained about 20% before having it charged again. This can help to extend its life far more than you will ever imagine. The reason for this is that every time you recharge such battery, it is usually considered to be one full cycle. Therefore, allow a considerable amount of power to drain before charging again.

Limiting temperature of the battery
In case you do not know, lithium batteries can be easily affected by temperature. Although there are chargers that have been built to detect temperature, something can still go wrong. This is why you need to think of a way of doing such manually. Do not charge your li-ion battery in cases when the temperature is not up to 0°C. This is only a recipe for shortening its lifespan.

Avoid high currents
Of course the highest current that is recommended to charge your li-ion battery is 220v. Anything more than this should not be encouraged since such is likely to have some long term impact on its capacity. It has been discovered by experts that batteries are feeling stressed when the current is too high. This should be avoided by all means possible.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 8

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 8

Based on the above, there is every reason to believe that lithium ion batteries are reliable and convenient to make use of as compared to others. To ensure longevity, make use of the tips to have it preserved as explained.

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