Is There A Battery Better Than Custom Lithium ion Battery Pack?

Is There A Battery Better Than Custom Lithium ion Battery Pack?

Is There A Battery Better Than Custom Lithium ion Battery Pack?
The advent of lithium ion battery has been able to revolutionalize the world of electronics in lots of ways. For the first time, companies in different industries are beginning to consider ways of meeting needs through manufacturing of powerful devices that make use of these batteries. They have been able to make the difference in the lives of many people around the world with some breathtaking innovations.

Despite all of their benefits, there are people who believe that lithium ion batteries are not the best. In other words, they are of the opinion that there are other better options. The truth is that opinions and mindsets will always vary on topics like these. However, it does not take away that the fact that most people do not really understand the potentials of li-ion batteries in any way.

Are you amongst those who have been mentioned above? Do you know that lithium ion batteries have lots of advantages over conventional or any other type of battery at the moment? There is no need trying to rack your brains on how this happens. This post will be revealing what makes lithium ion batteries a much better and preferred option.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 27

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 27

What you do not understand
It is a known fact that the world of technology is ever-evolving in lots of regards. In other words, it is expected that in the nearest future there will be much better options than li-ion batteries. For instance, there is the Lithium-sulfur batteries which most people are expecting to take over li-ion batteries later on. Their most notable advantage has been high level of flexibility. Another option is the use of Hydrogen fuel cells which have been discovered to be much lighter than li-ion batteries. Also, they can help save lots of space when put to use.

Whatever the case may be, it does not take away the fact that li-ion batteries are a very reliable option as compared to others at the moment. Although the above options are proving to be an upgrade, they are yet to be perfected in terms of features and functionalities. In other words, they are still work in progress while lithium ion batteries are reliable and efficient in lots of ways.

These batteries have gotten better over the years and for some reasons, they are the best amongst others for now. The facts below will explain why li-ion batteries tend to standout.

Their lifespan
This is one of the reasons why li-ion batteries are considered to be the best amongst other options you must have come across in the market. They are known to have very long lifespan as compared to other batteries. For instance, their lifespan can last up to 3years before power will start to drop. Imagine being able to use a battery at full capacity for up to 3years. It means you will be getting good value for money.

Most of the batteries you must have seen can only store power at full capacity up to 18months. After that, you will notice they no longer last for their expected amount of time.

Low maintenance required
Do you know that with lithium ion batteries, low amount of maintenance is required to keep them functioning at the highest levels? For instance, constant water is required to keep lead-acid batteries functioning as expected. It is very important to ensure their water levels are monitored on a constant basis. Anything short of this can prove to be disastrous in the long run.

With lithium ion battery, all of these maintenance routine will not be needed. If you have a car that runs on this form of battery, there will not be any need having to bother about car engine maintenance.

Fast charging
Lithium ion batteries have become popular due to their ability to charge very fast. You only need to spend few hours having them plugged to electricity for charge. This is very unlike the traditional batteries which require countless number of hours for charging to be completed.

The best part is that no special skill or experience is required to have them charged. In the past, you need specialists in most cases to charge batteries. The advent of lithium ion batteries has managed to change all of these.

Highly safe
This is another reason why lithium ion batteries are most preferred. Rechargeable batteries contain fluids that can be very dangerous to human health. Sometimes, they contain components that are highly flammable. The great part about them is that they have been designed and built in a safe way.

For instance, anyone can charge a lithium ion battery as there is no risk involved in such process. This is not the case for a normal acid-lead battery. The major difference is that the former batteries come with facilities that are much safer to handle. There is absolutely no need to worry when a lithium ion battery is involved.

Better environmental impact
We are gradually heading to the era of safer and friendly environment. This could not have been possible without the innovation behind lithium batteries. Fossil fuel is creating lots of negative impacts that is beginning to make companies think outside the box. One of the most notable effects has been pollution. This has strongly been debated on over the years by most international bodies to ensure a safer environment.

There has been the idea of electric vehicles powered by lithium ion batteries. It is only a matter of time before these problems associated with fossil fuel will be of the past. Experts are predicting that these batteries will make carbon emissions reduce to almost zero percent.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 5

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 5

Based on the facts being revealed above, it is very obvious that lithium ion batteries are the best options you can explore for now. They are not just flexible but can also prove to be very reliable. Depending on the device it is powering, an li-ion battery can last for days. They are definitely here to stay for the long term.

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