How Do I Keep My Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Healthy?

How Do I Keep My Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Healthy?

How Do I Keep My Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack Healthy?
A recent study carried out showed that most people do not understand how to maintain their lithium ion batteries. There are some who believe that such batteries do not even require any kind of maintenance to stay healthy. This is not true in any way as they require regular maintenance just like any other battery you must have used before. The only difference is that maintaining a lithium ion battery is not demanding as compared to what you are expected to do in the case of other batteries.

Always bear in mind that although these batteries are expected to last for about 3years, such is greatly dependent on their condition. In other words, if yours is not healthy, there is every chance that it will not last for up to 24months before being condemned. This is why you should be doing everything possible to ensure it is in the best of conditions to meet your needs without any compromise.

In case you are still struggling to understand how a lithium ion battery can be maintained, this post will be explaining such in great details. It will reveal some of the means through which your battery can remain healthy and perfect. This means it will last up to 3years without any problem whatsoever.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 23

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 23

Storing your batteries in the right place
Do you know that temperature can determine the lifespan of a li-ion battery? In other words, it is possible that your battery is not healthy at the moment because of where you must have decided to have it stored. As simple as this may sound, it can determine whether it will last for the expected number of years. The trick here is avoiding to store your batteries in temperatures that are extremely too hot or cold. As a matter of fact, room temperature degree of about 250 and 300 is the most recommended.

Anything lesser or higher should not be encouraged since such can affect your battery in an adverse way. Please note that heat tends to affect these batteries the most as compared to cold. It has a way of reducing their lifespan over the course of time. The simplest way to keep your li-ion battery healthy is having it stored in a place where there is adequate ventilation. Always take the place of storage into serious conditions. There are places that may seem good but they are not in the real sense for such batteries.

Purchasing the most recent battery
This is one trick that most people do not seem to understand. Do you know that lithium ion batteries are like drugs which have expiration dates? There is no need trying to buy a battery that was produced 5years ago since such will not last as compared to that which has been manufactured 3months ago. Manufacturing dates are very crucial since they can determine whether your battery will remain healthy for the long term or not.

There are people who purchase li-ion batteries without taking this into consideration. It will only come back to haunt you later on. Another tip you need to always remember is that not using your battery is not going to make it last. Instead, it will make it lose value with time. The best thing is ensuring that you making use of it on a regular basis. Lithium ion batteries have been built in a way that even if you are not using them, they have a way of discharging.

Allowing partial discharges
Have you ever decided to charge your lithium ion battery after it must have discharged about 5-10%? Do you know that this is only a recipe for reducing its lifespan with time? One thing you need to understand about these batteries is that they usually do not have any memory about discharge and charging levels. In other words, every charge is recorded as complete charge. Do not forget that they are expected to have around 500 cycles. This is the number of times you are expected to charge a lithium battery before it will start dropping.

The bottom line is that one of the easiest ways of making a lithium ion battery remain healthy is allowing it to discharge around 50% before deciding to charge again. Please do not make the mistake of allowing its power discharge completely.

Charging with the right voltage
This is another very important aspect that most people using li-ion batteries have failed to practice over the years. In case you do not know, voltage has a way of affecting these batteries faster than you can ever imagine. It is true that most times, these batteries have components that can protect against excessively high and low voltage.

However, it is recommended that you apply caution since such is not 100% guaranteed in any way. Try to ensure the charging voltage does not go beyond 220v. Also, when it is too low, there can be problems. It means your battery will be struggling to charge. Another thing that you would want to do is having the battery charger unplugged from the power source once it has been fully charged.

Avoid mechanical damage
If this continues, you can be rest assured that it is only a matter of time before such battery will be affected. Ensure it is protected at all times. For instance, it should not get punctured for any reason. Also, it should not fall off from where it is stored. Problems like these will affect how it tends to work over the course of time.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 17

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 17

Having seen the above, it is obvious that the problem of unhealthy lithium ion batteries can be resolved in lots of ways. For safety purposes, you can start by applying the tips that have been revealed above. They will definitely help ensure your battery is in a very perfect and healthy shape. There is absolutely no need trying to rack your brains about getting the solutions since everything has been handled to help you out.

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