What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack?
Most electronic experts have referred to lithium ion batteries as a “game-changer”. This is because of how they can enable devices and appliances work based on their ability to store power. Without the emergence of these batteries, it would be difficult for most appliances to perform at high levels as they are doing at the moment. This is especially obvious in areas or locations where there seem to be power issues/challenges. These batteries ensure that your appliances are functioning as expected since they can easily store power.

The problem is that most people do not really know much about li-ion batteries. There are those who think these batteries do not have as much potentials as experts are making them appear. There is a lot which you are yet to understand about these batteries. You do not have to bother though. This is because you have come to the right place where the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries will be discussed.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 27

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 27

Ensure to read the details of this post from start to finish. At the end, you will definitely be wondering why it has taken long to start using these lithium ion batteries.

Their advantages
In case you are not aware, li-ion batteries have lots of advantages. Some of them will be listed and explained below.

They are more reliable
This is one of the reasons why li-ion batteries are becoming very popular amongst different categories of people. Even companies are not left out as they are beginning to take advantage of the potentials that these batteries have. Traditional batteries usually do not last up to two years before their storage capacities and power will start dropping. This means that after about 1year and 6months, they will no longer be effective as they were initially.

This has been the major challenge of most companies that are into the manufacturing of electronic devices and appliances. However, times have changed a lot and the advent of lithium ion batteries have changed things. They are very reliable and can last up to 3years. There are those that you can even use for about 5 years. This depends on how you make use of them though in terms of maintenance.

This is another benefit or advantage that lithium ion batteries tend to have over other sources of power generation at the moment. There have always been discussions about how the problem of environmental pollution can be minimized. Companies and government agencies are investing millions of dollars into research with the aim of coming up with a realistic solution. With environmental pollution due to burning of fossil fuel, there is no doubt that humans are in danger of suffering from one disease or another.

This is one of the problems that li-ion batteries have been able to solve in the most effective manner. This technology is currently being embraced by automobile companies to ensure efficient power production. For instance, there are cars being manufactured which use li-ion batteries instead of conventional types of batteries. They are not only healthy but also more reliable. They seem very different as compared to lead-acid batteries.

Low maintenance
Do you know that li-ion batteries do not require too much maintenance as compared to traditional batteries? Of course, you must have no doubt come across those batteries that require regular watering to work as expected. Without such a process, expect disappointment. This is very common in most vehicle batteries. Sometimes their terminals even become corroded easily which is another major challenge. Problems like these will bring about the lifespan of such batteries being shortened abruptly. It will not be long before you will start considering the option of replacing them.

This is another aspect whereby lithium ion batteries have proven to be much better. They require little or no maintenance. As a matter of fact, you can use a li-ion battery for years without bothering about checking its components. They have been built to last for as long possible. Imagine buying something once and using it over and over again without any fear of its components breaking down. This is what a li-ion battery is capable of making you to experience.
Higher energy density
By energy density, we simply mean the capacity of a battery to power appliances and devices for a long period of time. Standard nickel-cadmium is great but tends to fall short in terms of storage capacity. This is the reason why li-ion batteries are mostly preferred. They are used in powering heavy appliances which otherwise would not have been possible. The best part is that their discharge rate is very low as compared to other batteries.

Due to their high storage capacities, it has become possible for them to be put to various uses. For instance, when a li-ion battery that is used to power a vehicle gets replaced, it can be used in powering other devices. It is even possible to use it in powering your solar inverter. This means it still have some value as compared to traditional batteries which can offer little or nothing after being replaced.

Its disadvantages
Just like every other reliable batteries that have been introduced in the past, lithium ion batteries have some disadvantages and limitations. Some of these will be explained below.

Its constant discharge rate
It is true that they can discharge slowly. However, a li-ion battery will still discharge even when not being used. This is one of its major disadvantages. It simply means that even when you are not using yours, it can still expire with the passage of time.

Temperature effect
In case you do not know, li-ion batteries can be easily affected by extreme temperature conditions. This is why it has been recommended that you always keep yours in a place that is neither too hot nor cold. Anything short of this can affect its performance.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 3

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 3

Having seen the above, it is obvious that lithium ion batteries have their strength and weaknesses. However, their advantages tend to always outweigh their disadvantages. This makes them the best amongst others.

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