What Is The Lifespan of 24v 100ah custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery pack from china factory?

What Is The Lifespan of 24v 100ah custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery pack from china factory?

There is no doubt that the advent of 24v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries has been a ground-breaking innovation in the world of technology over the years. These batteries are actually highly reliable, efficient and durable when used in golf cart and other types of vehicles. They have corrected the shortcomings which traditional/conventional lead-acid batteries have always been known for in the past.

Despite all the good sides of 24v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries, there are lots of people who are yet to believe in its potentials. As a matter of fact, there are people who believe that these batteries do not last as long as producers/manufacturers are claiming. They are of the opinion that such batteries are just like the conventional lead-acid batteries in the market.

Are you amongst people who have been mentioned above? Do you know that lithium ion golf cart batteries have always been popular due to how they can last long? In case you are still doubting, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. It will revealing why li-ion golf cart batteries are amongst the best when it comes to durability. You will also get to discover other advantages that they can offer when used as compared to lead-acid batteries.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 24

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 24

How long do they last?

24v 100ah Lithium ion golf cart batteries can actually last longer as compared to lead acid batteries that were once in vogue. They have been built to withstand very harsh conditions which traditional batteries will not be able to cope with. As a matter of fact, most li-ion golf cart batteries can last up to 7years. They have been manufactured to meet your needs for at least 5yearss before the laws of depreciation will begin to set in.

There are times when your 24v 100ah li-ion golf cart battery may not last long. Please note that such could be due to certain factors responsible. For instance, you are always expected to ensure li-ion batteries are kept in cool places. Do not charge these batteries in places that are hot. The reason is simple since they will start losing their power over the course of time. It is recommended that you check the temperature of a place before deciding to charge your li-ion golf batteries.

Another factor responsible for poor performance of your battery is unnecessary charging. There is something most golf cart users are yet to understand about lithium ion batteries. This is the fact that they have charging/discharge cycles. Most li-ion batteries have about 1000 charging cycles. This means that throughout their lifespan, they are expected to be charged 1000 times before power storage will start to drop.

This simply means that you are not expected to charge a 24v 100ah Lithium ion golf cart battery unnecessarily. Whenever you do this, it is expected that you have used one charge cycle. The only way to overcome this problem is to always allow your battery to discharge up to around 70% before exploring the charging option. Most people have the habit of charging their li-ion golf cart batteries even when such is not necessary.

Other benefits of 24v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries?

It is true that 24v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries is known to have a very long lifespan of at least 5years. However, such is not the only reason why it has been the favorite option for golf cart drivers in recent times. Below are some other advantages that these batteries tend to offer as compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

Zero maintenance

Back in the days when lead acid batteries were used in golf carts, they required high level of maintenance. For instance, you have to ensure your battery is watered constantly for optimum performance. Anything short of this means its lifespan may be shortened. There was also the problem of corroded battery terminals which can also cause several problems thereby making you to spend more money.

The advent of li-ion golf battery technology has managed to change lots of things. This is obvious given the fact that no maintenance is required to keep them in a perfect shape. With lithium golf cart batteries, you do not have to bother about the nightmare of battery maintenance. It is a install-and-use process. All you have to do is charge yours whenever necessary and that is it.

Easy to use

When lead acid batteries are used in golf carts, there are some technicalities that you will be required to understand. This is the only way to get the best from them. There are people who will spend extra bucks to hire the services of experts in a bid to making their batteries work as expected.

Do you want to know the good part? It is the fact that 24v 100ah lithium ion golf cart batteries have ensured that such a process is no longer technical. As a matter of fact, anyone without sound knowledge of engineering can connect them for usage. They have been designed to be used by all and sundry. This also involves their installation process.

Less weight

Do you want your cart to be more efficient in terms of work rate? Are you aware that lead acid batteries can add much weight to it? This will affect its work rate which will not be good. In fact, lithium ion batteries are mostly known to weight between 40lbs and 160lbs. This is far from the weight of normal lead acid batteries which can be around 340 and 390lbs. Can you see that the difference is very vast and obvious? Switching over to a lithium ion battery designed for golf carts will definitely do you a lot of good.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 17

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 17


Having seen the above, it is obvious that apart from lithium golf cart batteries having a lifespan of at least 7years, there are other benefits or advantages that make them very special as compared to other forms of batteries being used in golf carts.

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