Does A Custom Made 48v 400ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Have Any Disadvantage?

Does A Custom Made 48v 400ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Have Any Disadvantage?

Does A Custom Made 48v 400ah Deep Cycle Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Have Any Disadvantage?
Most of the time, people are majorly concerned about the benefits that 48v 400ah lithium ion golf cart batteries can make them experience. These could be their durability, reliability, and affordability. The truth is that li-ion golf cart batteries coming into existence has changed lots of things especially in the way that golf carts tend to be used. For instance, they can be recharged over and over to enable golf carts function independently over the years. The advent of these batteries have only made conventional lead-batteries become redundant and less important.

However, most people do not concentrate on the disadvantages that these types of batteries can come with. They have some shortcomings that you need to be aware of before pulling out your credit card. Do you want to find out more about these disadvantages? There is no need to be worried as this post is for you.

It will be revealing some of the shortcomings which 48v 400ah lithium ion golf cart batteries are known to have. Please note that the major aim of this post is not to discourage about lithium ion batteries since they are very reliable and probably the best amongst other types of batteries due to their features. It is to help create an awareness about these batteries. In other words, they are things you need to know about them.

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer

Their charging cycles
This is probably one of the disadvantages of lithium ion golf cart batteries which most people do not talk about. They usually have maximum charging/discharge cycles which could be around 1000 cycles. This simply implies that number of times that a lithium ion battery is expected to charge and discharge before depreciation factor will begin to set in. In other words, they have a particular limit that they are expected to reach before their power storage capacity will start to reduce.

Talking about charging cycles of an li-ion battery, they are always expected to drain whether being used or not. This is the major reason why it has been recommended to always ensure your golf cart battery is being used. Trying to believe they will be preserved by lack of usage is only a decision that will come back to haunt you. These batteries have been designed or manufactured in a way that even you are not making use of them, their power levels are still expected to drop. Although such is not much, always expect that it will not remain the same.

In case you are considering the option of using an li-ion golf cart battery, always ensure to charge it regularly especially when it is not being used actively. This is the only way its lifespan will not be affected. For instance, once it drops to about 50%, such is the time when it can be charged again for optimal performance. Although this will require lots of efforts on your part, it is the only way such battery can be efficient while being used later on.

Aging problem
Although other batteries are likely to experience such problem, it is very common with lithium ion golf cart batteries. It is true that they are reliable and can meet your needs without any compromise. However, such will not come without a price which is aging. Just as said above, li-ion batteries that are used in golf carts are prone to ageing factor. Whether you have decided to use them or not, they will age as time goes on. This means you will still likely spend money buying another after they have reached 5-7years.

Li-ion batteries are very durable but they have not being manufactured to be kept in places without being used. This is only a recipe for damaging them without knowing. It should be noted that other types of batteries can also show signs of depreciation after some time of usage. As a matter of fact, li-ion batteries are the most durable in such regards. They have a highly rugged nature and can last longer as compared to other batteries like lead-acid batteries.

The fact that they are known to have almost zero level of maintenance required to keep them running can even become a barrier to their working conditions later on. The bottom line is that you should not ever use an li-ion golf cart battery without thinking that it will not depreciate with the passage of time. You may be disappointed eventually since such will definitely happen. Always have it at the back of your mind that these batteries require replacement after about 5years.

What you should know about these batteries
Despite such disadvantages, it is worthy to point out that li-ion batteries are amongst the best. It is a technology that is still advancing. Simply put, companies are doing everything possible to ensure it becomes better with improved features and functionalities. For instance, when it first came into existence, its rechargeable features which were as a result of including secondary cells were not reliable. However, they have improved immensely today not just in golf carts but also other electronics.

As a matter of fact, lithium ion golf cart batteries can be used in powering other devices around your home after 5years of usage. This becomes necessary when you have limited budget but would like to have a source of power around the home. A 48v 400ah lithium ion battery can eventually prove helpful in such regards. The batteries can be put to different uses in the most effective manner instead of being condemned after about 5years.

Companies are carrying out different research studies to improve their components in order to ensure users are well-served. Furthermore, the discharge levels are being worked on to ensure they are at their barest minimum.

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer

Having said the above about 48v 400ah lithium golf cart batteries, it is very important to note that these batteries have shortcomings that users like you need to be aware of. Without such, it will be difficult to get the best from them. However, they are still the best you will find in the market when it comes to powering your golf cart.

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