What Is The Meaning Of Deep Discharge In 48v 200ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack?

What Is The Meaning Of Deep Discharge In 48v 200ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack?

What Is The Meaning Of Deep Discharge In 48v 200ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack?
Long before now, the rechargeable battery world was obviously dominated by the lead acid battery giants. I mean, they literally took over the entire space. Their market and sales exploded like nobody ever expected. But then came a problem – the issue of deep discharge was a serious challenge. These manufacturers have tried all they could, but all to no avail. Hence, the problem associated with deep discharge has been a problem with lead acid batteries.

That said, this post will elucidate on what deep discharge is for a 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery? And does it change the position of the current, leading world batteries? These and many more are some of the things we will be looking at in this article.

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What Does Deep Discharge Mean For Lithium Batteries?
Deep discharge in rechargeable batteries simply refers to act of allowing your battery drain out completely before charging it again. In the battery world, the discharge and recharge cycle is referred to as a deep cycle.

Lead acid batteries and lithium ion batteries all experience deep discharge. Hence, the 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery is not an exception. While there could be batteries that cannot withstand deep discharge, it is considered normal for the best rechargeable batteries. The subsequent section will show us how they differ from one another.

The Unique Thing About Deep Discharge For Lithium Batteries
Like we have rightly established, 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery can be wrongly made to go through deep discharge. Is this something that should give you serious concern? Well, not really. The reason is that lithium ion batteries are designed to deliver optimally even under deep discharge.

To explain that, we need to also talk about how a discharge can hurt a lead acid battery. Every time you discharge a lead acid battery to zero percent (0%) and recharge it, you have used one of its cycles. Very important. Unfortunately, for lead acid, your battery can only withstand some hundreds of deep cycles of discharge and recharge. In most instances it is between 400 and 600 deep cycles. Do you know what it means? It means that after that number of times, the life of your battery will no longer be the same.

That is some serious implications if you were hoping to use the battery for a longer period. Thankfully, lithium ion batteries can withstand up to two thousand (2000) deep cycles. It is obvious that they have a big advantage over their lead acid neighbors. Therefore, these lithium batteries were designed to be protected against the horrors of deep discharge. In other words, deep discharge for lithium batteries is nothing special. It is similar to a battery that is undergoing a normal discharge.

Protective Circuitry
It is not by accident that a 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery is not hampered by deep cycle compared to a lead acid battery. It was a deliberate and unique design by the manufacturers of the battery. They have slipped or included certain components that would guarantee the protection that the lithium ion battery requires.

That way, lithium ion batteries do not overcharge or over-discharge. That simple protection circuitry is what makes this to be possible. In stark contrast, this is not possible with lead acid batteries. Not because the researchers are poorly informed, but because the materials used in manufacturing them is what creates the limitation. Clearly this is one of the reasons lithium ion batteries are being preferred today over many other battery brands.

Rugged Against High Temperatures
Extreme heat is one of the things that can kill any battery. High temperature can destroy most batteries. Now, the chances of this happening with lithium ion batteries have been drastically reduced. 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery is designed with certain features that make it usable even in an environment where the temperature is high.

Having said that, it will be inappropriate to take your lithium ion battery to an environment that is extremely hot all because this article says the battery is protected. Know this, there is a certain limit of heat that your battery can take. It can only work within a specific temperature range. Exceeding the specified and admissible temperature range could damage the battery. Please always pay attention to this.

What Does The Future Hold?
We may not be able to give you an exact description of what to expect in the near future because we are not directly into the manufacture of batteries. However, it is sometimes okay for us to look at the big picture.

It is very obvious that battery manufacturers are assiduously working to produce high-quality batteries. If you consider lithium ion batteries and some other products, you would understand that they were discovered in the midst of so many shortcomings. They were produced when the battery world was going through some serious challenges. And today you can see reliable and efficient products like the 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery.

So in like manner, we are all looking forward to when all batteries will not be affected by deep discharge. Hopefully, their functionalities will be coupled with some kind of smart technologies. Whatever comes to pass, we are optimistic that we are going to be getting much more from the upcoming batteries ahead of us. But, until that happens, we might be paying our allegiance to lithium ion batteries for a long time come.

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Deep discharge means the same thing for 48v 200ah LiFePO4 golf cart battery as it does for lead acid batteries. You can accidentally discharge your lithium ion battery to 0%, and no harm will come to your battery. That is because lithium ion batteries are designed to withstand more deep cycle charging processes. We have learned from the course of this article that they are capable of 2000 cycles. We also talked about their ability to work in high temperature areas because of their protection mechanism. And they also come with components that prevent overcharge.

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