Why Are 48v 94ah Samsung LiFePO4 Batteries For Golf Carts Considered As The Future?

Why Are 48v 94ah Samsung LiFePO4 Batteries For Golf Carts Considered As The Future?

Why Are 48v 94ah Samsung LiFePO4 Batteries For Golf Carts Considered As The Future?
There is a lot of buzz about 48v 94ah samsung LiFePO4 batteries used in golf carts at the moment. Users cannot seem to get enough of what these batteries have got to offer. Of course, there was a time when lead-acid batteries were used in golf carts. Although they were good, people made a few complaints about their efficiency. This is what LiFePO4 batteries have been developed to fight against. According to experts, the future really looks bright for these batteries given the fact that their features are very impressive. As a matter of fact, it has predicted that by 2025, most golf cart owners are likely to start using LiFePO4 batteries.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 25

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 25

Here is what you do not know
Are you wondering why 48v 94ah samsung LiFePO4 batteries for golf carts are earning such positive reviews from users at the moment? Do you know that your golf cart can function better with the use of these batteries? In case you are still wonder how, ensure to read the details of this article. It will be revealing why 48v 94ah samsung LiFePO4 are being considered to make waves in the future amongst owners of golf carts. There is no doubt that after reading the details below, you will start considering the option of upgrading your golf cart battery.

Here is the truth
There is something that has helped LiFePO4 batteries over the years. This the fact that they have been built in an advanced way. Do not forget that these batteries work in a similar way like others you must have come across in the market before now. However, there is one major difference which lies in how they have been constructed. For instance, there is a limited chance of chemical reactions affecting electrodes. Technology is advancing at such an incredible pace and how LiFePO4 batteries have been constructed is a proof of such progress.

They are very safe to make use of. In the past, golf cart owners were scared of using batteries. For instance, they were always prone to the problem of short circuiting which comes when a battery starts experiencing overheating. All of these have changed as LiFePO4 have been constructed to ensure these problems are not experienced.

Do you know that short circuiting can bring about fire outbreak or even explosion? Are you aware that this can be very life threatening? This is one of the reasons why you have to consider switching over to LiFePO4 batteries in your golf cart before things get out of hand. A survey was carried out amongst battery users. It was eventually discovered that the issue of battery safety was their utmost concern. This means that before golf cart owners usually purchase batteries, they consider its level of safety.

There is no need bothering about such since LiFePO4 batteries have been built to ensure maximum safety. There is minimal chance of short circuiting occurring. The material functioning as separator to prevent their cathodes from coming in physical contact with their anodes is solid and of high quality. In other words, there is very little chance of it getting damaged. This means such battery will work as expected without any danger of explosion or fire outbreak occurring.

Simply put, the LiFePO4 technology has been able to overtake others with some breathtaking features. There are safety devices like diodes, heat sinks, thermal switches, and fuses.

Minimized chances of phosphate decomposing
This is another aspect that LiFePO4 technology is proving to be steps ahead of other batteries right now due to its improved thermal as well as chemical stability. This increases its safety level to a great extent. These batteries have been constructed in a way that phosphate decomposition is unlikely to occur. A problem like this can shorten the lifespan of your battery. With LiFePO4 batteries, this problem is nonexistent.

The only time this issue can be experienced is when the temperature is very high. In case you are going to be using a golf cart under very hot temperature, it is recommended to go for a LiFePO4 battery. This is because there is reduced chance of an issue such as phosphate decomposition occurring.

Key points to note
• Phosphate decomposition is a situation whereby there is release of oxygen from a battery cell structure
• The only time phosphate decomposition can be experienced when the temperature is over 8000C
• Combustion risk in LiFePO4 batteries is minimized to a great extent

High resistant to loss of oxygen
The cathode material of LiFePO4 batteries is very safe. With such material, there is little or no chance of oxygen loss occurring. You must be wondering what the implications are when this happens. It is quite simple to grasp. For instance, when a battery begins to experience oxygen loss, it will be vulnerable to the problem of overheating. Of course, overheating is one of the reasons why most batteries do not last as expected. In case you do not know, this is responsible for the high level of durability of LiFePO4 batteries.

Within these batteries, oxygen has been bonded (covalently) to non-transition metal. Due to this, there is very little chance of oxygen leaving its structure even when such battery is being used under hot temperature. Also, the manufacturing process of LiFePO4 batteries is automated. This has helped in reducing or eliminating those risks that your traditional batteries are known for. The bottom line here is that LiFePO4 batteries are very safe to use due to the less chances of oxygen loss occurring.

Key points to note
• Oxygen loss problems are reduced in LiFePO4 batteries as compared to others
• LiFePO4 batteries hardly experience any issue of overheating

lithium ion golf cart battery conversion

lithium ion golf cart battery conversion

Having said the above, there is every reason to believe that truly, 48v 94ah samsung LiFePO4 batteries used in golf carts are the future. They come with lots of features to ensure you get good value for money while making use of them in golf carts. Just ensure you are purchasing the right product that will stand the test of time and meet your needs without any compromise.

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