China Custom 48V Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack with BMS For Cell and Battery Protection

China Custom 48V Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack with BMS For Cell and Battery Protection

China Custom 48V Lithium Ion LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack with BMS For Cell and Battery Protection

What Do We Understand By a Battery Management System (BMS)?

A Battery Management System (BMS) refers to an electronic interface that manages and handles various attributes and features of a rechargeable battery. Its scope of work can include protecting the item from functioning outside the standard and range of safe operation. The system monitors the overall state of the battery. It calculates and computes secondary data and reports the assessed information and values.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 24

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 24

Additionally, it controls the working and operating environment and balances it as and when necessary.

A battery pack can come integrated with a Battery Management System. It implies that the item would remain protected and shielded from a colossal number of malfunctions and associated hazards.

What are the Uses of a Battery Management System?

A Battery Management System has various functions that benefit and support the working of any battery. A few of its uses entail the following:

• Condition Monitoring

A Battery Management System checks and regulates the state and condition of a battery. It can monitor different and distinct parameters such as the voltage, temperature, current, and coolant flow of the item.

• Energy Recovery

A Battery Management System works to regulate the battery’s recharging. It does so by redirecting and transferring the recovered energy to the pack.

• Parameter Computation

A Battery Management System computes the value and magnitude of several parameters associated with a battery pack. It can consist of the maximum and minimum cell voltage, Depth of Discharge (DOD), State of Health (SOH), State of Power (SOP), and State of Safety (SOS). It measures the charge stored or delivered and the internal cell impedance. The system also computes the Charge Current Limit (CCL), Discharge Current Limit (DCL), and energy generated.

• Cell and Battery Protection

A Battery Management System protects and safeguards the entirety of a battery pack. It does so by keeping the associated values within the safety standards. The system curbs and eradicates the risks and prospects of over-current, overheating, current leakage, over-pressure, ground fault, and over or under-voltage.

• Load Circuit Connection

A Battery Management System creates and provides a secure method to connect a battery pack with varying loads. It ensures that no excessive and unwanted inrush current makes the load capacitors malfunction. Otherwise, in worst cases, it can lead to explosions and accidents.

• Cell Component Balancing

A Battery Management System balances the functioning and working of the components of all the cells constituting a battery pack. It guarantees that the item produces and operates at its maximum capacity, providing a high level of performance and efficiency.

Why Use a Battery Management System in a 48v Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack?

As proved by various tests, the working and overall performance of a 48v lithium-ion golf cart battery pack with BMS is significantly higher than the rest of its kind. It is because the item can operate without the risk of any malfunction. Additionally, all associated accidents, hazards, and perils disappear. It allows the battery pack to focus solely on its work output.

48v 100ah lithium ion battery price in china

48v 100ah lithium ion battery price in china

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