12V 2600mah Lithium-Ion Battery For Robotics – Why They Can Last Longer?

12V 2600mah Lithium-Ion Battery For Robotics – Why They Can Last Longer?

12V 2600mah Lithium-Ion Battery For Robotics – Why They Can Last Longer?
Most experts have claimed that robots are the future. Of course, disputing such statement will be hard since the benefits that these machines are providing for both homeowners and companies are very obvious. For instance, robots have been known to boost productivity, reduce overall cost of operation for companies, save time and ensure safety. Most of these companies have claimed that using robotics has helped them to become about 20% more efficient.

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Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 25

What Is Actually The Secret?
It is true that robots are making more headlines far more than anyone can imagine. They are set to replace humans through some high level of efficiency in the work they tend to perform. If you do not know, these machines have become very effective due to the 12v Li-ion batteries used in manufacturing them.

12v lithium-ion battery for robotics have been discovered to have some features which conventional batteries do not have. This is the reason why they can actually last much longer. This post will be revealing some genuine reasons why 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics can last for longer periods. They have been a complete definition of durability and reliability.

Why Do They Last Longer?
It is true that there have been different types of batteries released into the market over the years. These could be lead acid batteries, alkaline batteries and many others. However, a 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics has been built to last for longer hours. Apart from having the capacity to be recharged, it can last for much longer. Normally, li-on batteries used for robotics have very high retention capacity. This means it can last for hours when used as compared to other types of batteries.

The ability to be recharged electrically is an important feature of a 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics. Thus, whenever it drains completely, it can still be recharged again. In most cases, the lifespan of these batteries are up to 6years or even more. It depends on some factors though like how it is being used and the quality of li-ion batteries in question.

Furthermore, they usually have up to 3,000 charging cycles. By charging cycle, we simply mean the process through a battery is recharged after its power has drained completely. It is one of the areas where lithium-ion batteries have shown great strength over the years. So long as you are making use of them in the best of conditions, they will definitely meet your expectations for years before replacement is required.

More Benefits That You Should Know
Apart from what has been discussed above, there are other ways that a 12volt lithium-ion battery used in robotics can actually show great strength. In other words, the durability of these batteries can be defined in numerous ways. These will be highlighted and briefly explained below:

Their shelf life
Do you know that li-ion batteries have an impressive shelf life? Are you aware that such is a huge factor when it comes to how long they can last before being replaced? Shelf life simply implies the time a battery is stored without its storage capacity being lost. There are 3 major factors that usually make batteries to age. These could be storage temperature, active chemicals that are in its cells and the time which it remains idle. It is normal that batteries will age when they are not used.

The question you need to be asking is at what rate do they actually age? The battery shelf life for a lithium-ion battery is between 3 to 6years. Its self-discharge rate is around 2%-5% within 30days. The truth is that a 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics has more to offer when used. It has very long shelf life that will enable you get good value for money.

Their Great Temperature Performance
This is another reason why lithium-ion batteries for robotics are in very high demand. Do you know that high temperature can affect most batteries? This is one of the reasons why they usually underperform. For instance, due to extreme heat conditions, the chemical reaction in a battery can be facilitated. This problem will bring about self-discharge as well as plate corrosion. In the end, there is likely to be sulfation. The damage that this problem can cause is irreversible.

It is the reason why you are always advised to keep a battery in places where the temperature is moderate. This helps in preserving the lifespan of such batteries. Do you want to know the best part? It is the fact that a 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics has been designed to be rugged. In other words, it can be kept in a place that is hot without any problem. Such will not affect its performance in any way.

Please note that although they can perform in places where the temperature is extremely high or low, such does not mean you should not be mindful of where they are stored. In fact, it is recommended not to store a 12v lithium-ion battery in a place where the temperature is around 1400F. This will help to preserve its life.

They Are Environmentally-Friendly
This is another benefit of lithium-ion batteries that most people usually do not talk about. We are living in an environment where people tend to be more conscious than ever before. They are in search of products that are environmentally-friendly. In other words, they want to make use of items that will not cause any long-term harm to their overall health.

This is what a 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics can offer. Some of these batteries you are using can experience leakages after being used for some time. This exposes you to lots of dangers which could been otherwise avoided. There is no need to worry because a li-ion battery takes care of all that.

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Having seen all of the above details about a 12v lithium-ion battery for robotics, it is very obvious that these batteries are definitely the future. This is because they do not only last longer than other batteries. Also, they offer other benefits to end-users.For more about 12V 2600mah lithium-ion battery for robotics,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.jbbatterychina.com/news/12v-lithium-ion-battery-for-robotics.html for more info.

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