Is OEM Lithium Ion Battery Pack Reliable?

Is OEM Lithium Ion Battery Pack Reliable?

Is OEM Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Reliable?
There is no doubting the fact that OEM lithium-ion battery packs have been a complete revolution. They have succeeded in revamping how devices, appliances and other items work both in commercial and residential environments. Few years ago, lead acid batteries made lots of headlines. They were used for so many purposes like powering of automobiles, ignition power sources, UPS systems and others. However, times have changed and an OEM Lithium ion battery pack seems to be the one of the most amazing things that people have seen.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 28

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 28

Given the benefits that it offers, there is no doubting the fact that it has managed to make lead acid and other batteries appear irrelevant and outdated. The level of reliability that an OEM Lithium ion battery pack can show is second to none. Are you wondering what makes it more reliable as compared to other batteries that have been manufactured and introduced into the market? Do you know that OEM lithium-ion battery packs are reliable?

The major aim of this post is to help you out in two major areas. This is explaining what an OEM li-ion battery pack actually is and revealing some of the benefits that it can offer once used. Believe it or not, the truth is that these batteries are more reliable than you can imagine.

What Is An OEM Lithium Ion Battery Pack?
First of all, OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufacturer. When a battery is tagged as “OEM”, such simply means that it has been produced to suit some groups of gadgets, appliances or devices. There is a misconception about these batteries including what they represent. For instance, many people believe that OEM batteries are not as good as their original counterparts. This is not true in any way because they are reliable. In fact, these batteries are equally original. The only thing is that they have been manufactured to be used in various devices, gadgets and appliances.

For instance, when you purchase a device or gadget that uses an li-ion battery, such will always come with a customized battery. However, if you are planning to purchase another battery after the first one no longer holds charge, such will have to be an OEM battery. It is a battery that has been produced by manufacturers to function as expected in various devices. According to most experts, these are referred to as “one-size-fits-all” batteries.

Are These Batteries Reliable?
The reliability of an OEM Lithium ion battery pack can hardly be overemphasized. It has been able to render lots of benefits to end-users as compared to what conventional batteries can offer. If you are trying to find out these benefits, ensure to read the details below. It will be listing out some reasons why OEM li-ion batteries are considered the best amongst others.

This is one of the reasons why an OEM Lithium ion battery pack is highly rated. Do you know that these batteries have been designed or built to last for years? As compared to lead acid and other batteries, they can be used over and over again. It can be very frustrating to purchase a battery for your car, motorcycle, gadget, device or something else, only to discover that it does not hold charge for long before running down. This means you could be disappointed.

In most cases, li-ion batteries usually have lifespan of 2-3years. Within such period, they can be charged for about 500times or even more. There are instances, when people have claimed that their batteries lasted for 5years. Generally speaking, it can be said that li-ion batteries have longer lifespan as compared to lead acid and other batteries. This means there is no fear of battery draining very fast all of sudden or not holding charge for longer periods. OEM lithium-ion batteries can deliver far more than your expectations.

They Are Safe
We can talk about the lifespan and other things that make an OEM lithium ion battery pack to be great and reliable. However, the question of its safety also needs to be considered. In other words, it is important to know that the battery is equally safe. They have been manufactured with advanced and sophisticated components to ensure users do not experience any kind of damage or threat to their devices, appliances and properties.

Provided your battery doesn’t have any kind of defect, there is absolutely no need to worry or fear. It is true that li-ion batteries are likely to explode. However, you need to understand that cases like these are quite rare. If your battery is not damaged, it can be used safely in any environment. It is very much different from a lead acid battery which is known to experience leakage. When this happens, it can cause lots of physical and health damages.

They Are Temperature-Tolerant
It has been discovered that a battery which cannot withstand harsh temperature conditions will not last long. There are lots of batteries in the market which have been manufactured differently. The truth is that many of these batteries do not survive in hot temperature. According to experts, the lifespan of such batteries usually reduces due to excessive hot or cold conditions. This may not look serious to you but it is. Imagine having to use your battery in a place that is hot (32ºF – 140F).

The good part is that with an OEM Lithium ion battery pack, this problem is completely non-existent. You can make use of these batteries under any harsh condition and they will still deliver as expected. This is because they have been built to withstand the most difficult and harsh temperature conditions. They are the best options that can provide you with value for money.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Having seen all of the above, it is very obvious that an OEM Lithium ion battery pack is more reliable than you are thinking. As compared to most of the batteries that are released into the market, these ones are the best. Their reliability is a combination of safety, durability and flexibility.

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