Why Boats Are Switching To the New Waterproof 48V 200Ah Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery Marine

Why Boats Are Switching To the New Waterproof 48V 200Ah Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery Marine

Why Boats Are Switching To the New Waterproof 48V 200Ah Lithium Ion Deep Cycle Battery Marine
More and more boat owners are adopting lithium marine batteries for powering their boats. It is safe to say that this has become the latest trend for good reasons. A closer examination of the lithium marine battery will definitely give us a clearer picture of why people are making the switch. This article will be addressing the most recent FAQs about the new 48V Lithium Ion Battery Marine. I believe that after reading this piece, you would be in a better position to decide about the battery. Let’s begin with the very first popular question online;

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Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 22

Why Are Boat Owners Choosing This Battery?
The 48V lithium marine batteries cannot be compared to lead acid batteries in any way. That’s because they have proven to be more efficient, lightweight, and can deliver a power capacity that is more than eight times what you can get from lead acid batteries. When you sum these features together, lithium-ion batteries become a more reliable option for boat applications.

Weight & Size Reduction
Boats are usually designed with weight limitations. That means the amount of weight on a boat matters a great deal. A boat’s performance will have an indirect correlation to its weight. The lighter the weight, the better its performance.
Lithium batteries are not as heavy as their lead acid counterpart even while they are having the same power ratings. They are only 50% as heavy as lead acid batteries. For instance, a 100aH lead acid battery can weigh as much 60 pounds or 80 pounds. The actual weight depends on the battery’s model.

Higher Charge-Discharge Cycles
Lead acid batteries specialized for boats normally have a charge-discharge cycles of between 500 and 1000. On the other, if you compare it to a lithium battery, their charge-discharge cycles range between 3000 and 3500.
That’s not all, the lifespan of a lead acid battery is largely determined by how much maintenance the battery gets. In stark contrast, you don’t need to carry out any form of maintenance on lithium-ion batteries before they can last long and perform optimally.

More Power Storage
Allowing a lead-acid battery to drain below 50% is only an excuse to damage the battery and reduce its lifespan. Alternatively, most lithium batteries can drain as much as eighty percent and nothing will happen. As a matter of fact, the new 48V Lithium Ion Battery Marine can discharge as much as 100% and the battery lifespan will be okay without causing any damages to the battery.
Apparently, lithium marine batteries have more storage. This is one of the many advantages it has over other batteries.

When you are purchasing a lithium-ion marine battery, the upfront payment usually appears to be more expensive. That’s because the cost is considerably higher than that of a lead acid battery. but, in the real sense, they are cheaper than lead acid batteries.
Are you aware that one lithium marine battery can last up to 5 times its lead acid battery equivalent? That means you would have bought 5 lead acid batteries in place of one lithium-ion battery.
To this end, lithium-ion batteries are considered cheaper given their longer lifespan as well as increased efficiency. Lastly, the number of lithium batteries you need would be half the number of lead-acid batteries you are using. After summing up all these features together, it becomes obvious that lithium batteries are not more expensive, even though they require a higher upfront payment.

Is Switching To 48V Lithium Ion Battery Marine Easy?
A lot of people have been skeptical about making the switch from lead acid batteries to lithium ion marine for their boats. While some are not totally convinced about the ability of lithium batteries, others assume they have to do something special to their boats before they can use them.
Lithium-ion batteries are designed with the concept of drop-in placement. In other words, you can slip them into where a lead acid battery stays. They can sit in your battery tank comfortably. Having said that, you may need to purchase one or two accessories to make it work with your boat.
Depending on what you aim to achieve, there may be a need for you to change your battery charger and inverter to something higher for the battery to perform optimally. It is also worthy to point out that lithium marine batteries are not designed to signal the user when the battery is about to become flat. In that light, you may have to include a charging monitor to the list of accessories you need to purchase.
These changes are not too complicated to implement. It is something an average Joe can accomplish. However, you need to be careful when connecting any DC power source, including lithium ion marine battery. wrong connections can damage the battery and the load you are trying power. Therefore, if you aren’t sure of making the switch on your own, please reach out to a professional.

How Long Can The 48V Lithium Ion Battery Marine Last?
Most lithium marine batteries have a life that spans over 3000 or 3500 charge-discharge cycles. That is a lot of time if you want to convert it to years. That’s almost equivalent to a minimum of ten years. It may even be longer.

Are They Safe On Boats?
48V Lithium Ion Battery Marine does not only serve as a practical solution for longer power supply, it is also extremely safe to use on boats. The batteries normally come sealed, so they are not affected by water splash or moisture.
They are also designed with internal BMS that can shut down the battery whenever it’s used in an environment that is not safe.

This discussion can last forever because there won’t be an end as to how good lithium ion battery is compared to lead acid batteries. The advantages are numerous. Thankfully, we have been able to touch on most of them as we addressed the most asked questions about 48V Lithium Ion Battery Marine.For more about new waterproof 48V 200Ah lithium ion deep cycle battery marine,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.jbbatterychina.com/liftpo4-marine-and-e-boat-batteries.html for more info.

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