Top 10 Custom Lithium Ion Automotive Battery Pack Manufacturers In USA

Top 10 Custom Lithium Ion Automotive Battery Pack Manufacturers In USA

Top 10 Custom Lithium Ion Automotive Battery Pack Manufacturers In USA
There are lots of battery pack manufacturers in US. Trying to choose any of these companies that you can patronize is similar to a scattergun approach. This is because most of them are not good enough when it comes to producing batteries that can stand the test of time. Such is the reason why you should make your choice carefully amongst the various battery pack manufacturers in US.

This post will be explaining some of the best companies that are into production of battery packs in United States. Read the details below before making a decision on which battery brand to patronize.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 28

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 28

1 – Tripp Lite
Ever since Tripp Lite came into existence, it has been meeting the expectations of battery users from various parts of the world. It is one of the most famous brands when it comes to battery packs for UPS. In fact, if you are looking for a battery pack for your UPS, this is one manufacturer to rely on. Its products have been nothing short of impressive in the market. Do you want to know the best part about this company? It is the fact that its battery packs are compatible with any brand of UPS.

2 – Associated Bag
Associate Bags started operation in 1938. Right now, its headquarters are located at Milwalkee, WI. This is one of the most trusted companies when it comes alkaline batteries that can deliver on the biggest stages. It makes different countertop battery packs available to its customers in various parts of the world.

Over the years, associate bag has set very high standards amongst other battery manufacturers not just within the US but the world at large. For instance, its batteries are safe to use due to the processes through which they are manufactured.

3 – Essentra Components
Just like Associate Bag mentioned and explained above, Essentra Components is a company which has proven to be an expert when it comes to producing alkaline batteries. Since coming into existence in 1958, it has proven to be one of the most reliable and trusted Battery Pack Manufacturers in USA.

4 – Positive Battery
Positive battery is another reputable company that many people do not talk about too often. It may have started operations in 1983 but the kind of customer base it has managed to build over such timeframe speaks volume. This company which operates in Hartford, CT is probably one of the most versatile when it comes to battery production.

This is because it produces different types of batteries like NiCd, NiMH, Lead Acid, and Lithium. These are used in small engines, trucks, trains, solar applications, generators, phones, laptops and other electronic devices.

5 – Johnson Controls
With more than 100years of experience in manufacturing of different batteries, nothing but the best is expected from Johnson Controls. Although its main headquarters are located in Ireland, this company is also operating from Glendale, Wisconsin in the United States. It has managed to produce some of the best battery packs ever that can power various electronic devices and appliances. It is probably one of the leading companies in the push for renewable energy. This makes it one of the best Battery Pack Manufacturers in USA.

6 – Energizer Holdings, Inc
This is one of the biggest American battery companies in the market today. Probably you must have heard of the exploits that energizer batteries are making. If you do not know, Energizer Holdings, Inc is the brain behind such innovation. Since founded in 1896, it keeps on scaling new heights when it comes to battery production. One of its most outstanding innovations has been the AAA batteries that it makes for end-users. These have been known to last very for very long time.

7 – Exide Technologies
When it comes to lead acid batteries, very few Battery Pack Manufacturers in USA can actually rival Exide technologies. This is because it comes up with cutting edge battery technologies that are up to date with the latest trends. Apart from manufacturing automotive batteries, it has also built a solid reputation since 1888 for production of industrial batteries. You will definitely be impressed by the batteries produced by this company which operates in Milton, Georgia, United States.

8 – Power-Sonic Corporation
Although Power-Sonic Corporation came into existence in 1970, it has managed to compete favorably with some of the biggest players in lead acid and lithium battery production. It has also made sure that its lead acid batteries are sealed. This makes them one of the safest options in the market. Power-Sonic Corporation is a company that has been known to produce nothing short of the best batteries around. It also manufactures LiFePO4, GEL, SLA, and VRLA batteries.

9 – Clarios
Clarios is another trusted battery pack manufacturer in the US that you can trust. In the United States alone, it has about 17 facilities. If there is one thing that this company has achieved over the years, such is ensuring that its batteries made available to end-users have been manufactured with the latest technologies. Its batteries have been built to meet the demands of what the electronic world is demanding today. Such makes them very competitive amongst others.

Have you been searching for the best lithium-ion batteries that can withstand harsh conditions? Clarios can help out in such regards with its award-winning li-ion batteries. They are the complete definition of modern technology.

10 – Mouser Electronics
There is no doubting the fact that Mouser Electronics has always proven to be a powerhouse amongst other Battery Pack Manufacturers in USA. Since coming into existence in 1964, it has managed to leave an indelible impression on its customers by having to manufacture top notch battery packs.

These are guaranteed to meet needs and expectations. It is into the production of NiMH, NiCd, Alkaline, Lithium, and Lead Acid batteries. There are even reports claiming that it plans to expand operations to more countries around the world. Mouser Electronics’ batteries are a combination of quality and durability.

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer

lithium ion golf cart battery pack manufacturer

These are the best battery pack manufacturers in US right now. Over the years, they have always succeeded in meeting the expectations of end-users.

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