Advantages And Benefits Of 24 Volt 200Ah 300Ah Lithium Ion Forklift Battery From Lithium-Ion Traction Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers

Advantages And Benefits Of 24 Volt 200Ah 300Ah Lithium Ion Forklift Battery From Lithium-Ion Traction Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers

Advantages And Benefits Of 24 Volt 200Ah 300Ah Lithium Ion Forklift Battery From Lithium-Ion Traction Battery Manufacturers & Suppliers

There is no doubting the fact that there was a time when lead acid batteries were used in forklifts. During such periods, they seemed to be the only option. Although these batteries delivered as expected, they still had their shortcomings. For instance, they had maintenance and safety issues. A normal 24 volt lead acid battery used in forklifts is expected to be maintained on a regular basis. This is the only way optimum performance can be guaranteed. Also, their charging cycles poses real problem. This is because of how such could determine their level of durability.

Putting all of the above details together, it is very obvious that there was need for the emergence of a better battery option since lead acid batteries had some issues. Since companies are always looking for how to ensure optimum performance and productivity, they had to embrace the idea of using 24 volt lithium ion batteries.

Are you wondering what a 24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery can offer? Do you know that this is much better as compared to a conventional battery used in such machine? This post will be revealing some of the reasons why you should start considering this option. Find out more details below.

lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

Why Is A 24 volt Lithium Ion Battery Recommended?
It is quite obvious that the world of technology has advanced to a great extent. What used to be relevant few years ago has become outdated. Today, companies are looking for smarter and energy-efficient ways to power their forklifts. The best part is that 24 volt li-ion batteries are the perfect answers. They are the latest technologies that can help ensure forklifts are working efficiently without complaint. It is an innovation that tends to provide the perfect all-in-one solution to forklift operators.

What Are Its Benefits?
Having heard of how lithium-ion batteries are applauded and recommended to be used in forklifts, there is every reason to believe you are wondering what they can offer. The truth is that a 24 volt lithium-ion battery is capable of bringing far more benefits than you can ever imagine. Below are some of the reasons why we have recommended an li-ion battery of 24 volt rating for your forklift.

Easy And Hitch-Free Charging
It is true that lead acid batteries used in forklifts can also be charged. However, do not forget that times have changed. As a forklift operator, you should be looking for how to do things in the most effective and efficient manner.

Having said all of these, you need to understand that the process of charging lead acid batteries is quite complicated and technical. If you are not careful, something can be damaged which will affect the overall performance of your forklift. For instance, such battery will have to be taken to a place before being charged. Before the charger gets connected, it has to be properly positioned due to its weight. It is also worthy of note to point out that 24 volt lead acid batteries in forklift are not environmentally-friendly. This is because during the charging process, it has been discovered that hydrogen gases and heat are released. These are capable of causing health hazards to your workers.

If you are really thinking about protecting your workers from these health problems, it is recommended to start using a 24 volt lithium-ion battery. This is because it is super easy to charge. It is the perfect option for forklifts.

Key points to note
• Charging a 24 volt lithium-ion battery on forklifts is easier
• Lead acid batteries can pose serious health challenges to your workers
• A 24 volt lead acid batteries tend to weigh as high as 15,000 pounds

Optimum Productivity
This is another aspect whereby a 24 volt li-ion battery needs to be used in forklifts. Due to the weight of a lead acid battery as stated above, it usually takes time for a forklift to be driven to the room where it can be charged. This may not seem like a serious problem initially but as time goes on, it will slow down your productivity to a great extent. Apart from going to charging room, lead acid batteries also need to be swapped. All of these are capable of making production objectives not to be achieved.

A 24 volt li-ion battery on the other hand, requires less time and stress to be charged. There is no need going over to the charging room as such exercise can be done while it is still inside the equipment. With this, you can be rest assured that your forklift machine is going to be more productive. There will not be any lost time while trying to go about the activities for the day. This is due to how charging takes place easily.

Key Points To Remember
• 24 volt lithium ion batteries are easier to charge
• They can ensure the highest level of productivity
• Using a lead acid battery in forklift requires that you have it taken to a special place to be charged

Easy Maintenance
This is another area where a 24 volt lithium-ion battery has proven to be superior when used to power forklifts. Do you know that maintaining a lead acid battery requires commitment and consistency? For instance, they need to be watered on a regular basis to work as expected. This may seem like something you can easily handle but it is not in the real sense. The reason is quite simple to understand. Such is the fact that failure to change the water as required can damage your battery.

Lithium-ion batteries on the other hand, have proven to be a complete revolution. They do not require any maintenance yet deliver the very best of performances. So long as you are charging them as required, there will not be any need to bother about whether they can perform as expected or not.

Key point to note
• You can maintain a li-ion battery for forklift by keeping it in a place with moderate temperature of below 590F. Please note that keeping it somewhere that is below 320F can affect its performance.
• Lead acid batteries are very complicated to maintain

Industrial electric lithium ion forklift battery

Industrial electric lithium ion forklift battery

Having seen the above, there is every reason to believe that you now understand why a 24 volt lithium-ion battery is recommended to be used in forklifts as compared to conventional batteries.

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