80 Volt Lithium Ion Forklift Battery — Best LifePo4 Forklift Battery For Heavy-Duty Forklift And High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift

80 Volt Lithium Ion Forklift Battery — Best LifePo4 Forklift Battery For Heavy-Duty Forklift And High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift

80 Volt Lithium Ion Forklift Battery — Best LifePo4 Forklift Battery For Heavy-Duty Forklift And High-Capacity IC Pneumatic Forklift

To most people, there is nothing wrong about not using an 80 volt lithium ion battery. They are of the opinion that a lead acid battery can carry out much better functions once used in forklifts. The truth is that this is a very wrong assumption as studies have shown that li-i8on batteries are much better and efficient options when it comes to powering forklifts and making them function as expected. This is due to the numerous benefits they can actually render once used in the workplace.

The truth is that times are far advancing more than you can ever imagine. Lead batteries were only used back then because there was no better option. However, technology has evolved in recent times and the emergence of li-ion batteries in forklifts has rendered lead acid batteries outdated. If you do not know, there are many reasons why you need to start thinking about the possibility of using these batteries.

best china lifepo4 lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer company

best china lifepo4 lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer company

The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the areas where 80 volt lithium-ion batteries have proven to be more effective options once compared to lead acid batteries. In the end, these are reasons why you should install the former option instead of the latter one.

Zero Downtime Benefits
Except you are not running an ambitious company, the goal is to always ensure daily tasks and objectives are achieved. The mistake most people make is focusing on motivating workers and leaving other important things or areas unattended to. No matter how workers are motivated, it is still very possible to end up not meeting your daily objectives in the workplace. In other words, there is still likely going to be the issue of downtime. This can happen when your forklifts are not working for some minutes or hours.

Do you know that forklifts can underperform when the right batteries are not used in them? A typical example is when you are using a lead acid battery to power such machine. In this case, there is likely to be downtime in work activities. This problem can occur whenever you are charging a lead acid battery. Of course, batteries like these usually take time to charge. The worst part is that while they are charging, your forklift is likely to be idle. This is due to how they are usually detached from the forklift.

On the other hand, 80 volt lithium ion batteries can ensure optimum productivity within the workplace. This is because they can charge very fast. Also, they are likely to be charged as the forklift is working. The implication of this is that there will not be any pause or obstruction in work activities.

Key points to note
• Lead acid batteries do not charge very fast
• Charging a lead battery in forklift can obstruct work activities to a great extent
• 80volt lithium ion batteries are known to charge very fast

They Are Very Durable
One of the major goals of every business is to ensure that cost is minimize in the best way possible. You could decide to come up with some of the most competitive strategies to achieve such feat. However, one thing is always certain. This is the fact that using a lead acid battery can make your business run a loss. These batteries do not come cheap. Apart from that, they usually do not last as expected. The average lifespan of a lead acid battery is around 3years. This even depends on how it is maintained which is quite demanding.

For instance, lead acid batteries have water that need to be changed after about 3-6months. Also, there are rules you need to observe for such maintenance routine to be effective. Again, you are expected to use a lead battery up to 50%. Trying to use more power can cause the battery lifespan to be shortened. Also, doing this can lead to irreversible damage. Given all of these, you can easily damage these batteries without knowing once they are used in forklifts.

80 volt lithium ion batteries on the other hand are much stronger. Their durability has never had any question mark due to how they have been manufactured. With these batteries being used in forklifts, be rest assured that you will no longer have to bother about your battery getting damaged. These batteries can last up 7years when maintained very well.

Key points to note
• An 80volt lithium ion battery usually has at least 3000 cycles
• Lithium ion batteries require little or no maintenance for optimum performance
• An 80 volt lithium ion battery usually has a lifespan of 5-7years

Workplace Safety
The truth is that we are living in an era where most people seem to be in full support of the green movement. Again, this has only succeeded in relegating lead acid batteries to the back stage. This is due to the danger they have been discovered to pose to human environment and people. For instance, these batteries can emit some dangerous substances while charging. For the environment, these are capable of causing fire outbreak. On the other hand, they can endanger the lives of your workers through serious long term health implications. If you are really serious about helping your workers enjoy good health, using a lead acid in forklifts is not the best option.

Instead, what you actually need is an 80volt lithium ion battery in such forklift. It is an integral part of the green movement and will ensure your workplace is safe. These batteries are known to charge in the safest way possible. Also, they do not pose any kind of threat or danger to workers. This makes them ideal for any kind of company or business that uses forklifts. So long as they are being used as instructed by their manufacturers, be rest assured that they will always deliver.

lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

Having seen the above, it is very clear that an 80volt lithium ion battery usually has lots of benefits. This will ensure optimum production in the workplace especially once installed in forklifts.

For more about 80 volt lithium ion forklift battery — best LifePo4 forklift battery for heavy-duty forklift and high-capacity IC pneumatic forklift,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at https://www.lithiumbatterychina.com/blog/2022/05/26/advantages-of-using-an-80-volt-lithium-ion-forklift-battery-in-electric-forklifts-vs-lead-acid-battery/ for more info.

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