Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery Safety — Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid Forklift Batteries

Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery Safety — Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid Forklift Batteries

Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery Safety — Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid Forklift Batteries

The issue of lithium-ion batteries causing danger in forklifts has been one of the most popular subjects for discussion in recent times. Of course, there is no doubting the fact that safety has been the priority for most companies that make use of these machines. Some risks are forklifts traveling at very high speed, riding with elevated load, failure to warn others about nearby forklifts that are being used, improper accelerating, braking and turning. With all of these hazards, most employers have been worried about using lithium-ion batteries in their forklifts. This is because they believe it can increase these problems.

36 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer

36 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer

Here Is The Truth
This is not true in any way because lithium-ion batteries have been discovered to be a much safer option when used in forklifts. It is one innovation that has proven to be very effective in various aspects where conventional lead acid batteries seem to be struggling. Talking about the safety that lithium ion batteries can offer once used in forklifts, there is every reason to believe that you have come to the right place.

This post will be explaining how an li-ion battery can help to ensure maximum safety once used in a forklift. After checking out these details, you will see reasons to start using these batteries in forklifts from today.

Watering Is Not Required
If you have used a lead acid battery before in a forklift, you will understand that their maintenance requires the process of constant watering. This is the only way they can remain in a good shape to perform as expected. Do you know that lithium-ion batteries do not require such process before being able to work or function as expected? They have been designed in a special way to ensure that minimal maintenance will be required. The best part is that despite not requiring any kind of special maintenance, they still manage to perform optimally.

Lead acid batteries usually contain electrolyte – water and sulfuric acid. Failure to have them refilled using water can lead to such batteries failing to function. There is absolutely no reason for them not to be filled. The problem is not the water. Instead, it is the process through which lead acid batteries are being watered. Some of the ways to do this for danger to be avoided are:

• You can only water after the battery has been charged
• Always allow the battery to cool down before refilling with water
• You can sustain serious injuries whenever a spill occurs

Do you want to know the best part? Such is the fact that all of these dangers are completely non-existent when a lithium ion battery is used in forklifts.

Minimal Overheating Risk
This is another area where a lithium ion battery has proven to be very safe once used in a forklift. Lead acid batteries have always been known to experience the problem of overcharging. Once this has happened, there is likely going to be the issue of overheating. The implication of this is that there will likely be formation of oxygen and hydrogen gas. This is not a good sign since it can make such lead acid battery to experience increased pressure. When excessive amount of gas has accumulated, its venting technology will no longer be very effective.

This is why it is recommended that while a lead acid battery used in forklift is being charged, it has to be regularly monitored. Failure to carry out this process as expected will lead to serious danger. One of such is explosion which can make your employees suffer serious injuries.

On the other hand, a lithium ion battery does not pose any kind of danger to workers. This is due to how they have been structured to function and charge. For instance, they usually have battery management system feature, also known as BMS. This helps in ensuring there is no problem of overcharging.

Key points to note
• Lead acid batteries usually experience overcharging unless they are closely monitored
• Lead acid batteries are likely to explode due to overheating
• Lithium ion batteries come with BMS to prevent problems of overcharging and overheating
No Need For A Specific Charging Place
Due to the risk associated with charging and recharging lead acid batteries, they usually have separate places where such processes can be carried out. Just as said above overcharging and overheating are likely to cause explosion. This means you will be spending money to treat employees. This is a fast way to go out of business quicker than you can ever imagine. Due to all of these dangers, separate spaces are always required to get them charged. This ensures that gas and hydrogen do not pose any kind of danger to crews.

This is very dangerous once used in a forklift. When charging a lead acid battery, you need to adhere to all of the necessary precaution rules. When this is not done as recommended, there is likely going to be explosion. The best part is that with an li-ion battery, there is no need for all of these protocols. This is because it does not emit these dangerous gases listed above. Also, there is no need to charge them in a separate room.

Key points to note
• Lithium batteries can be charged inside a forklift
• Lithium batteries have very minimal risk of exploding
• Lead acid batteries require separate rooms to be charged due to risk of overheating and overcharging

Minimal Ergonomic Risks
This is like a continuation from the last point above. There is always risk when it comes to moving a battery from one place to another for the purpose of charging. This is what lead acid batteries are known for since they require a separate room for charging. A worker is vulnerable to sustaining injuries by moving them. On the other hand, none of these issues exist in the case of lithium ion batteries. This is because they can be charged inside the forklift.

Advantages of lithium ion forklift truck battery

Advantages of lithium ion forklift truck battery

Having seen all of the above, it is very clear that a lithium ion battery can ensure the highest level of safety once used in forklifts. This is why you need to consider the possibility of installing one in your forklift today.For more about lithium-ion forklift battery safety — lithium ion vs lead acid forklift batteries,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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