Advantage of Lithium-Ion Forklift Truck Battery — Are Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries Worth the Price?

Advantage of Lithium-Ion Forklift Truck Battery — Are Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries Worth the Price?

Advantage of Lithium-Ion Forklift Truck Battery — Are Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries Worth the Price?

There is no doubting the fact that lithium-ion batteries used in forklifts are making lots of headlines as compared to past years. This is due to how it has been discovered as one of the most innovative technologies in recent times. In the world, most companies that use forklift truck batteries are beginning to see reasons to explore the option of lithium-ion batteries because of how they have proven to be a fantastic option.

lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

Here Is The Nightmare
Despite all the exploits and achievements of lithium ion batteries, it is clear that there are still companies or employers that are yet to consider installing it on their forklifts. Most of these companies are still using lead acid batteries which is very much outdated once compared to a lithium ion battery. The truth is that both batteries are not the same in terms of performance and output. In other words, an li-ion battery will always outperform a lead acid battery once used as forklift truck battery.

The question you need to be asking is what makes lithium ion batteries a much better option in forklifts as compared to lead acid batteries. This post is going to be revealing some top benefits and advantages of a lithium ion battery.

They Are Eco-Friendly
If you do not know, lead acid batteries have made headlines in recent years for the wrong reasons. This has made them become less popular for companies that use forklifts. For instance, they have been discovered to emit dangerous gases while charging. One of such is hydrogen which is capable of causing fire outbreak. The truth is that charging a lead acid battery in the workplace where you have lots of workers is very risky. This is because they could be vulnerable to some long-term health conditions.

You need an option like a lithium battery that has proven to be eco-friendly and safe. These batteries do not pose any kind of risk or danger. Their charging process is very simple and straightforward. Also, they have been built and designed in the most compact manner.

Key Points To Note
• Lead acid batteries usually emit chemicals and substances that are dangerous while charging
• Lead acid batteries can cause injuries due to explosion
• Lithium ion batteries usually contain BMS

They Are Lightweight
Do you know that lead acid batteries in forklifts are heavier as compared to lithium ion batteries? This is one aspect or area that many people have complained about in the past. For instance, a 50ah lithium ion battery can have the same weight as a 21ah lead acid battery. Carrying the latter around is always a difficult task due to its weight. The reason for this is quite easy to understand. For instance, the component liquid contains lead. This is one of the factors responsible for its heavyweight.

On the other hand, a lithium ion battery is compact and lightweight. Therefore, it can be easily carried from one place to another. Another benefit this can bring is that your forklift is going to perform as expected. In other words, it can ensure optimum performance.

Key Points To Note
• Lithium-ion batteries in forklifts are more compact as well as lighter in terms of weight as compared to lead acid batteries
• One of the reasons for the heavyweight of lead acid batteries is the lead component
• Despite being lighter, lithium ion batteries are more efficient

Low Maintenance
This is another benefit that lithium ion truck batteries in forklifts can offer users. As simple as this may sound, it will ensure you are not too bothered about keeping such battery in the best condition. When lead acid batteries are used in forklifts, it is important that they are regularly maintained. This is the only way they can perform optimally. The major problem is that trying to maintain them can create some dangers. For instance, they are expected to be watered on consistent basis.

In such case, they can prove to be very dangerous once you come in contact with their chemicals. They have been discovered to contain sulphuric acid. This can damage your eyes or skin. It is recommended that while trying to fill a lead acid battery with water, utmost caution is required. On other hand, lithium-ion batteries do not need any kind of maintenance routine to function as expected.

The only thing is that you are using them as recommended by their manufacturers. It means that no watering is required while they are being used. Below is how you can maintain a lithium ion battery used in forklift.

• Ensure the battery does not discharge below 50 or 40%
• Never charge the battery to 100%
• Ensure the battery is always stored in a place that has temperature of between 50-590C
• If you are not using the forklift, the battery should be disconnected and removed

Minimal Self-Discharging Rate
By discharging rate, we simply mean how the power of a battery drains when it is not being used. This has been one of the most outstanding features of a lithium ion battery in recent times. These batteries have been built in a way that whenever they are not used, their power does not drain fast. In fact, within a period of 1-2months, their power can drain by around 5-10%. In a nutshell, it can be said that they have very low self-discharge rate.

On the other hand, a typical lead acid battery can discharge up to 30 or 40% when not used. This is a serious problem if it is being used in forklifts. The reason is because charging these batteries over and over again is not only difficult. Also, it is a very dangerous process since it has been discovered to emit hydrogen while charging. Lithium-ion batteries on the other hand, do not emit any dangerous chemical or substance. Also, their self-discharging rate is very low.

36 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer

36 volt lithium ion forklift battery manufacturer

Based on the above details, it is clear that a lithium ion battery used in forklifts has lots of advantages as compared to conventional lead acid batteries. It is an option that is worth exploring.For more about the advantage of lithium-ion forklift truck battery,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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