How much does a lithium-ion forklift battery cost?

How much does a lithium-ion forklift battery cost?

How much does a lithium-ion forklift battery cost

If you have a pallet stacker or a forklift in your warehouse, you will know how important these machines are. Electric forklifts are machines that are either used as a single machine or a fleet of material handling machines. Because of their economic importance, many other businesses may be thinking of buying one. But before they purchase the machine, they will need to understand the price of one of these lithium battery forklift machines. With so many electric forklifts in the market, it can be difficult to determine the average price of a lithium-ion forklift battery. Therefore, how much does a lithium-ion forklift battery cost?

24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

Many purchasers erroneously think that buying a battery will be the largest expense that they will ever have from operating a forklift. However, this isn’t a reality. The total cost of owning a battery is much more than the purchase price. When it comes to forklift batteries, various types come with varying price tags.

One important fact about lithium batteries is that they are generally expensive. Lead-acid forklift batteries have a lower purchase price in comparison to a lithium-ion forklift battery pack. For many untrained buyers, it may seem like the lead-acid forklift battery is much cheaper than lithium batteries. But trained warehouse operators know that lead-acid forklift batteries are difficult to maintain.

Determining the total cost of a lead-acid battery

If you want to know the true cost of a battery, you have to consider its lifetime operational costs. From maintenance to labour costs, lead acid comes with hidden costs that are due to several elements like low usage time, labour costs, constant replacements, and so on. Lead-acid forklift batteries may seem quite cheap and affordable; however, this isn’t the case. The following elements make lead-acid forklift batteries very expensive in comparison to lithium batteries.

Constant maintenance: Lead-acid usually increase operational costs through frequent maintenance procedures. It increases the total workload of the crew constantly. Due to this, the work crew will have to regularly perform maintenance and inspection checks on the battery. When it comes to maintenance requirements for lead acid, it could be checking its ventilation holes, its cooling period, and watering.

Storage space: This is an indirect cost to your business because lead-acid forklift batteries require space for storage. This means that you will need to create some space in your facility for maintenance/changing, and charging rooms. This means that you get to spend an extra amount of money to secure storage space for the lead-acid forklift batteries,

Labour: Lead acid usually generally leads to higher labour costs. When it comes to forklift lead-acid forklift batteries, the work crew can spend a lot of time operating and maintaining forklifts. This added labour considerably increases the price of labour when it comes to the operation of the machine. This means that a typical lead-acid forklift battery increases the workload of the warehouse crewmen.

The price of a lithium-ion forklift battery

Many lithium batteries are offered at a premium price in the market. This means that they come at an average price range. While you can get some lithium batteries for as slow as $10,000. Premium lithium batteries are sold in the market for roughly between $17,000 and $20,000. This price is about 3 times that of the lead-acid forklift battery of a similar capacity. Many purchasers and procuring managers usually ask if this price is justifiable. Certainly, for a lithium-ion battery. These batteries have in-built efficiencies that ensure that they are the right type of investment for your forklift trucks. The battery has a costly purchase price, but it can offer massive returns to help the buyer recoup its original purchase price. For starters, lithium batteries have reduced operational costs. This provides a business with a long-lasting competitive edge. There are several reasons why buying a lithium-ion forklift battery might be the smartest investment ever.

Benefits of buying a lithium-ion forklift battery

If you are thinking that the forklift battery is so expensive for its $17,000 – $20,000 price range, then wait until you get a load of its benefits. The battery offers various benefits that make it the right investment product for your forklift. These benefits include (but are not limited to):

Freedom from hazards: Many lead-acid forklift batteries cause harmful hazards that may need some expense to handle. However, lithium batteries are free from such hazards. They do not give out harmful fumes like CO2. They do not cause any risks of acid spills. Also, you will save money with battery disposal because you do not have to buy replacement batteries more often.

Productivity: Lithium batteries can be used to increase the throughput of your facility. An increased throughput meets increased returns on investment. This means that the battery gets to pay for itself within a short time frame. The battery can be used for a longer time and does not experience any declined performance when it begins to discharge.

Minimal labour costs: This is another benefit that justifies its hefty price tag. Lithium batteries for forklifts do not need any watering or maintenance.

No downtime: Your lithium-ion forklift battery will increase throughput and return as it gets rid of any possible downtime. This means that you do not have to change any batteries. You can also make use of the opportunity charge function to power up the battery.

Long-lasting batteries: Your battery has been made to last longer than lead-acid forklift batteries. With an operation time that is about 2 or 4 times longer than traditional lead-acid forklift batteries. This means that you get to use your forklift machines for a longer time in comparison to when you have the lead-acid forklift batteries installed in them. Many lead-scud batteries will only last for several hours and then require almost ten hours to fully charge.

Energy bills: When it comes to your energy bills, lithium batteries have been made to enhance savings. They have 30% energy efficiency that allows you to save money on your energy bills. This is possible because lithium batteries charge about 8 times faster in comparison to lead-acid forklift batteries. On the other hand, conventional lead acid batteries aren’t as efficient with their charging times lasting for almost half a day.

24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

24 volt lithium-ion forklift battery manufacturers

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