Telecom Battery Backup Systems

What is a telecom battery?

Telecom batteries store energy for use anytime the power is cut off. Think of these batteries as your internal backup power system. They need to offer enough power to keep the system running as long as possible. These batteries also need to be efficient, compact, and durable enough to withstand some pretty extreme environments. Telecom batteries are significantly more powerful and durable than your typical battery.

What Types of Batteries Are Used for Telecommunication?

There are two main types of batteries that are used in telecom: lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries come in several varieties, including wet batteries, sealed or SLA batteries, gel batteries. All of these batteries use electron transfer to store power, but what medium allows for electron transfer varies.

Both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are incredibly common, so you need to make sure you’re getting batteries designed for use in telecom systems. Otherwise, you might end up with a battery designed for completely different power needs.

Telecom battery is used as a backup power for communication base stations to ensure reliable energy storage power. At this stage, most of the telecommunications batteries used in the field of communication backup power supply are telecom lithium batteries, and a small part are ternary lithium batteries.

What to Look for in a Telecom Battery?

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important traits in a great telecom battery.

Battery Type

Choosing the right battery type is important if you want to have an efficient backup system for your telecom network. Even though there are only two main types of batteries, lead-acid batteries have several subtypes that are different enough to be worth exploring.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are significantly newer technology than lead-acid batteries and offer some efficiency and power improvements over the older style. They are also generally smaller than all but JB batteries and are low maintenance and are small footprint batteries. However, lithium-ion batteries are also more expensive on average and can be cost-prohibitive for some telecom applications.

That said, lithium-ion batteries do offer some of the best stability and disaster resilience of any available telecom batteries.


In terms of energy storage, it’s generally a good idea to pack as much battery power into your available space as possible. That way, you’ll have longer uptime in case of an emergency. That means your batteries need to have a high energy capacity and that they should charge quickly after power is restored. That way, you’re ready if power goes out again.

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