Lithium-ion AGV Battery

Lithium-ion AGV Battery

Lithium-ion Battery for AGV & AMR Machine

About AGV & AMR Battery

Traditional automated guided vehicles (AGVs) were the only option for automating internal transportation tasks, they have pre-set routes within their work environments. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are also sophisticated, flexible, and cost-effective, they can adjust their route within their pre-set work environments.

But both of them need the battery, JB BATTERY lithium-ion battery obviously have big advantage in lifespan and endurance time, JB BATTERY’s performance and safety tested lithium solutions offer the power and energy densities, fast charging, and multiple protection to power the industry-leading design goals of original equipment manufacturers and the performance and productivity demanded by AGV/AMR outfitters and equipment owners

Features Of JB BATTERY AGV And AMR Batteries

Purpose-built 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V batteries with same case, Drop-in lead-acid replacement models with self-heating, designed for excellence, the lithium batteries are offer BMS controlled safety, long life, and lightning-fast charging. Purpose-built 12V, 24V, 36Vand 48V options with Bluetooth access to battery State of Charge, voltage, current, and temperature status.

8 Reasons To Choose A Lithium-ion Battery For Your Machine:

1. Super Long cycle life: 4000cycles@80%DOD, 5-10times longer than lead acid batteries.
2. Super Lighter weight: The lithium weight is 1/3 weight of AGM batteries in case of same capacity.
3. Lowest self-discharge rate: Keheng LiFePO4 battery self discharge rate is less 3% of total capacity within 6 months.
4. Fast charge characteristic: The fast charge rate can reach 0.5C, which can realize full charged within 2 hours.
5. Maintance free: No need add distilled water or acid, the battery are completely no need maintenance
6. Built in PCM(Protection circuit module) protection function: The battery have function of Over charge protection function, Over discharge protection function,Over current protection function, Short protection function, Cell balance function, Temperature detection function, etc.
7. Super safety chemistry: LiFePO4 lithium chemistry are very stable and have no case in explosion.
8. Same size with normal Lead acid battery: Design the battery size are same as previous AGM mold, can replace the old lead acid battery very convenient

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