Lithium-ion Battery Pack for ATV & UTV

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for ATV & UTV

Are ATV & UTV Batteries 6v or 12v? ATV & UTV Battery Size and Voltage

One of the most common replacements needed for any vehicle is its battery. This is something that tends to lose its charging ability every few years and is just an expected expense of owning and using your ATV & UTV (similar to owning and using a car).

Are ATV & UTV batteries 6v or 12v? The most common label size of an ATV & UTV battery is 12v with sizes also (occasionally) coming in 6v and 24v depending on the ATV & UTV needs. The actual voltage of a 12v battery is usually between 12.6v and 12.8 – and can go all the way to 13.1 volts.

This is a great general rule of thumb, but, of course, with any general rules, there are always exceptions and nuances. ATV & UTV batteries can be more complex than just a voltage.

Most Common Types of ATV & UTV Batteries
ATV batteries vary about as much as any type of batteries. Just like cars, you will find that many batteries that look similar offer similar components. The most important concept to understand is that there are two major types of ATV & UTV batteries: conventional (flooded) batteries and absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. But now more and more people choice the lithium battery

Lithium batteries are going to be the top pick for most ATV & UTV enthusiasts. While they are a bit more expensive up-front than conventional batteries, they come with a lot of benefits. Most users find that these benefits pay off not only financially but in the long-term satisfaction in using them on their ATVs & UTVs.

The first benefit that most users report is that there is no maintenance for this type of ATV & UTV battery- they are good to go, and you never have to worry about water levels or spillage regardless of how rough or smooth your ATV & UTV ride is.

On top of this, they are made in a more durable, shock-absorbing way that allows them to hold together longer when riding on trails and doing climbs.

For experienced and adventurous ATV riders, using an lithium battery is the way to go. Of course, you will need to ensure that your ATV & UTV can use this type of battery, but as long as it can then you are good. You will likely find that the initial purchasing cost yields a higher cost-benefit analysis for ensuring a highly satisfactory purchase.

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