Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat

Lithium-ion Battery Pack for Electric Boat

What Size Battery Is Best For My Boat?

There’s a massive variety of boats out there. And they require different boat battery sizes. For example, the ideal kayak battery size will differ from your ideal bass boat setup.
Pontoons, bass boats, center console, sail boats – there are many different shapes and sizes.

What Types Of Batteries Do You Need?

Your boat will need a cranking or starting battery to start its main engine. You’ll also need a deep cycle battery to power your trolling motor and electronic accessories. Add another deep cycle battery if you have dual engines.

There’s one more type of boat battery that can do both jobs: the dual purpose battery. But most experts agree this kind of battery doesn’t do either job well. You should only choose dual purpose if your boat doesn’t have enough space for more than one battery.

How Much Amperage Do You Need?

It’s time to crunch the numbers! You might not enjoy math, but trust us – you’ll enjoy your fishing trips much more if you calculate the Ah (amp hours) you need.

Batteries have an Ah rating. This relates to the actual battery capacity. For example, a battery rated 100Ah delivers 5 amps for 20 hours, or 100 amps for one hour. But that may not always be true. Because you shouldn’t discharge batteries past 50 percent of their capacity (except for ionic lithium batteries).

Carry out an “Energy Audit” and see what battery size will meet the energy demands of all your equipment.

What’s the difference between a marine battery and a regular battery?

The difference between a marine battery and a car battery is simple. Marine batteries are designed to have the burst of power you need to start the engine of your boat. But it also has the capacity to power on board gear and accessories. They’re also more resilient to things like heavy vibrations and pounding waves. Car batteries basically just need that initial burst of power to start the engine. Then, the alternator takes over, over the course of the trip, and charges the battery.

What is a good marine battery?

Lithium marine batteries are quite a bit better than the rest. And for a wide variety of reasons, which we’ve covered here: LiFePO4 Batteries – What They Are & Why They’re The Best. The only “downside” is the initial price point. But that’s a very small price to pay when you consider the savings over the life of the battery. Not to mention the superior safety, lightness, no maintenence and other benefits.

Is a marine battery wet or gel?

There are basically 2 main categories of marine batteries – lead acid (gel, wet cell, and AGM), and lithium.

Do boats need special batteries?

Generally speaking, boats need a starting battery and a deep cycle battery (or batteries, depending on the size). Deep cycle boat batteries provide power continuously. The starter battery provides the short, big surge of power required to start the boat.

Boat & Marine Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

Lithium deep cycle batteries provide both a heavy charge and discharge cycle which makes this type of marine battery perfect if you are looking for long-standing power. A deep cycle marine battery is the best option if you are operating a depth finder, fish locator, livewell pump for your boat, or a trolling motor. Our E-boat lithium batteries is the best solution for your boating power!


·Twice the power of traditional batteries
·Half the weight
·Charges up to 5X faster
·Lasts 4X as long
·100% Safe & reliable

JB BATTERY technologies are able to assist you with your requirements whether you are commissioning a new build marine project, carrying out a conversion or simply replacing an existing electric boat battery or charging system. As a global leading supplier of lithium-ion batteries, we are able to offer specialist help in identifying your requirement and recommending the most cost effective battery to meet your needs.

JB BATTERY marine lithium batteries give you quick and strong power to take you to the next level!

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