Lithium-ion Utility-scale Energy Storage Battery

Lithium-ion Utility-scale Energy Storage Battery

Lithium-ion Utility-scale Energy Storage Battery

Utility-Scale Energy Storage
Large-scale energy storage ensures electricity supply can match demand. It enables the shift to variable renewables and curbs emissions from polluting “peaker” plants. Taken on its own, the use of energy storage does not reduce emissions; instead, energy storage enables adoption of high shares of variable renewable energy sources as wind and solar power.

Utilities have long operated on the model of producing sufficient electricity to meet demand in real time. To supplement large coal, gas, or nuclear plants, they rev up highly polluting “peaker” plants as needed. Energy storage—daily, multiday, and longer-term or seasonal—is vital to reduce peaker emissions and accommodate the shift to variable renewables, namely wind and solar.

Utility scale stationary battery storage systems, also referred to as front-of-the-meter, play a key role in the integration of variable energy resources providing at the same time the needed flexibility. Battery storage increases flexibility in power systems, enabling an optimal use of variable electricity sources like photovoltaic and wind. Batteries can provide services for system operation, defer investments in peak generation and grid reinforcement. Utility-scale battery storage systems have a typical storage capacity ranging from few to hundreds of MWh. Different battery storage technologies, such as lithium-ion (Li-ion), sodium sulphur and lead acid batteries, can be used for grid applications. In recent years, Lithium-ion battery storage technology is the most adopted solution.

What Makes Invinity Utility-Grade?
Non-flammable, safe-by-design construction. High throughput, unlimited-cycling systems that give you the operational freedom to maximize your ROI. A 25-year lifespan that matches your solar and wind assets. Invinity designs and manufactures the world’s first true utility-grade energy storage for grid-scale, C&I, and microgrid applications.

Zero risk of thermal runway, exceptional personnel safety for crews & first responders

Suitable for 25+ years of constant cycling, matching the lifespan of solar & wind assets

The lowest price per MWh stored & discharged over the lifetime of the battery

Demonstrated performance in commercial applications in the field

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