Lithium Ion Telecom Tower Battery

Lithium Ion Telecom Tower Battery

Telecom Tower Solar Lithium-ion Battery

Today’s telecom infrastructure is increasingly located in remote, isolated areas—from mountain tops to desert regions— which are usually far from any electrical grid and rely on on-site power generation to operate. But between fuel and maintenance costs, generators are expensive to own and operate. For communications providers, the ultimate goal is to establish self-sustainable mobile networks with higher efficiency and profitability and remain competitive in a lower Average-Revenue-Per-User (ARPU) environment.

As more of the telecommunications industry shifts to solar, JB BATTERY’s battery energy storage systems are more frequently found at the core of their applications. In such a system, the charge controller is both “heart and brains” of the outfit, controlling the PV/solar-generated electricity flowing from the panels, or modules, into batteries for storage as well as the DC output to power connected loads, maintaining both system operation and battery health.

Temperature charging protection and advanced charging algorithms to protect expensive storage batteries, both lead-acid and advanced types including lithium. Dead battery recovery feature helps reduce system downtime

JB BATTERY Moblie Solar Tower Power Supply Solutions

Telecom towers may operate in regions with an unreliable grid or no grid supply while the others operate in regions with a stable grid supply but face high electricity costs. JB BATTERY offers proven solutions to cover both of these needs. In areas with an unreliable grid or no grid supply, JB BATTERY’s inverter and Conext solar charge controllers can be added to your current system to help you reduce your diesel consumption. JB BATTERY telecom solution includes:
·High amps charging capacity with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
·Two AC-source inputs with built-in transfer switch allowing direct wiring to two AC sources
·Pure-sine AC output with high surge capacity to start heavy loads of air-conditioners
·Modular and stackable design to support wide system sizes: both 1-phase and 3-phase
·Easy and seamless integration with solar to reduce diesel costs

JB BATTERY Lithium-ion Battery packs Benefits

Reduce diesel costs by more than 35%
·Reduction in diesel consumption
·Decreased diesel generator maintenance
·Lower transportation cost of diesel to the site
·Built-in communications and diagnostics capabilities
·Harvest solar energy to lower your energy bills
·Reduce CO₂ emission by more than 10 tonnes a year per site
·Contribute to the society by undertaking green initiatives to reduce green house gas emissions
·Simple, out-of-the-box operation and easy installation
·Load and rectifier compatibility

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