Ni-MH Battery

Ni-MH battery

Ni-MH custom battery packs per client’s needs and requirements!

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Custom Ni-MH Battery

Key Features

Intelligent Battery Pack Design
Environmental Friendly Chemistry
High Energy Density
High Power Density
Fast Charge Capability
Excellent Cycle Life

Main Applications

Video Devices: MP3/MP4/MP5,digital camera, portable DVD, portable television, electronic cigarettes, electricity sound box, ect.
Portable Devices: GPS, PDA, E-book, PMP, PSP, laptop, walkie-talkies, portable medical device, etc.
Illuminate Devices:Miner lamp,search light,ect.
Others:Electric Toys,RC models, model aircraft, backup power, mobile power supply, hand electric drill, ect.


A nickel metal hydride battery, abbreviated NiMH or Ni–MH, is a type of rechargeable battery. The chemical reaction at the positive electrode is similar to that of the nickel–cadmium cell (NiCd), with both using nickel oxide hydroxide (NiOOH).

However, the negative electrodes use a hydrogen-absorbing alloy instead of cadmium. A NiMH battery can have two to three times the capacity of an equivalent size NiCd, and its energy density can approach that of a lithium-ion battery.


Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack often used for devices that need recharging, such as Medical Devices, Portable Electronics, Wireless Detector, Consumer Electronics and Electric Vehicles, etc.


Battery warranty is limited to original defects in material and workmanship. Warranty does not cover collateral damage. Due Misuse, abuse, incorrect charging and other inappropriate use of this battery are not covered under warranty.

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