How Switching To A Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Can Help Boost Performance

How Switching To A Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Can Help Boost Performance

How Switching To A Custom Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Pack Can Help Boost Performance

Golf carts are highly functional. These small motorised vehicles have made the movement of golfers and their equipment across widespread golf courses extremely convenient. So far, most golf carts are fitted with lead acid batteries. However, modern designs are now switching the lead acid variants with lithium-ion batteries.

The bottom line. Lithium ion golf cart batteries have a great impact on performance. Here’s how.

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 26

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 26

Higher Carrying Capacity
If you are an avid golfer, you sure have been in a situation where it felt like the golf cart was trudging along the greens, especially when tackling an incline. If only you could make it go faster!

The good old lead-acid batteries could be the ones to fault.

As compared, lithium-ion batteries cut their size by half. Not just that, they are only one-third the weight of lead-acid batteries. Both these factors extend the overall weight carrying capacity of the golf cart. That works out to space for roughly two-average sized adults or their equivalent in weight if we are considering equipment.

Thus, lithium-ion batteries increase the carrying capacity of the golf cart without compromising speed or performance.

The biggest advantage of a lithium-ion battery is the ability to navigate any terrain or provide the same power output irrespective of the level of charge.

Quick Charge
The charge/discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is yet another factor that gives them an edge over their counterparts.

Every golf cart in a fleet is an investment. And a high-rate of unavailability, either because they take too long to recharge or they are stuck in maintenance, impacts profitability.

Lead acid golf cart batteries take an average 8 hours to charge to full capacity. On the contrary, lithium-ion batteries can be charged to 80% of their capacity in about an hour and 100% in 2.5 to 3 hours. That’s nearly half the amount of time required by lead-acid counterparts. The difference means that a golf course can operate with a smaller fleet as the availability of the existing vehicles automatically increases.

A fast charging cycle also means that most golf carts will be able to get back on the course after a quick power up. Another common concern with charging batteries to less-than-100%-capacity is that they could get damaged. That is not the case with Lithium-ion batteries.

Low Maintenance
If you’re looking to trim a few expenses, then swapping a lead-acid battery for a lithium-ion one can help reduce costs towards maintenance. ‘

For golf carts to be in the best operational condition, their varied components and batteries must be maintained regularly. Given that lithium-ion golf cart batteries are great on all types of terrains, and are lighter weight, it reduces the wear. It allows you to do away with the labour needed for regular upkeep and purchases of maintenance products and tools.


Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 4

Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack 4

Lithium ion golf cart batteries also prevent the vehicle from abrading the grassy surfaces.

On the whole, lithium-ion golf batteries are safe; they do not have acids that could accidentally spill or leak.

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